A Guide On How To Register A Special 5 Character Nintendo ID For Nintendo Switch

With only a few days left until the Nintendo Switch launches worldwide, now would be a great time to register a unique id for your Switch user account. Nintendo opened up registration a while ago and the majority of popular usernames are being swiftly taken by people all over the internet. The minimum username length is restricted to 6 characters, but we have uncovered a method that will let you register 5 character User ID’s by simply replacing a few lines of code. In this guide, we’ve outlined how you can register a 5 character User ID in just a few simple steps.

For a guide on simply how to register your Nintendo ID, see here.

Let's get started.

Step 1.

Head over to https://accounts.nintendo.com and register an account under your email but don’t set the User ID just yet. Make sure you are using Firefox or Google Chrome for this process.

Step 2.

Enter a random six character User ID that is not taken. In the example below, I chose ‘gamr99’ as the random id.

Next, highlight the User ID text field and right click it. Press the ‘Inspect Element’ button.

Step 3.

By this point, you should have the ‘Inspect Element’ form opened up in your browser.

Find the piece of HTML code that reads "input name=login_id placeholder=Please enter at least 6 characters" (shortened so it will post properly on our website) change the minlength variable from 6 to 5, enabling us to register 5 character User ID’s.

In order to edit this piece of code, right click the highlighted text and press “Edit HTML”. Once you’re done editing, right click anywhere on the ‘Inspect Element’ form to save your changes.

Step 4.

Take some time to think of the 5 character User ID you want. Replace the random User ID we set earlier with the 5 character id. If the User ID is already taken, the page will display an error in red text. If the User ID is not taken, there will be no error message. Found the ID you want? Great, you may now proceed to the next step.

Step 5.

During this final step, you will notice the ‘Save’ button is greyed out. Right click the ‘Save’ button and press ‘Inspect Element’, similarly to what we did in an earlier step.

Expand the code that starts with ”formGroup” and various new lines of code will suddenly appear underneath it.

Find the HTML code that reads "button type=submit class=btn btn-primary btn-medium…" (shortened) and highlight it. Now right click and press “Edit HTML”.

Carefully select all of the code in this box and replace it with the new code below:

Save your changes and exit the ‘Inspect Element’ form. The ‘Save’ button will no longer be greyed out and you’ll be able to normally click it. Once pressed, your new 5 character Nintendo Switch User ID will now be registered.

We hope you found this guide to be useful and easy to navigate. Let us know what kind of magnificent username you were able to obtain in the comments.

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