Ranking Legion: Top 3 World of Warcraft Expansions By A Vanilla Veteran

It's been six months since World of Warcraft: Legion debuted. Since then, several major updates have made their way to the game, introducing a wide range of new content to keep players interested.

Legion might not be that old—or complete for that matter—, but a large portion of the player base has been won over by the expansion in a way we haven't seen in several years. There's something about its story, content, and features that have made World of Warcraft a compelling game despite being more than 12 years of age. With that in mind, how does Legion compare to prior expansions?

In the video above I look at my top 3 World of Warcraft expansions as a veteran of the game, and take a look at why Legion is so great.

Let us know what your favorite expansions are in the comments below.