The 5 Best Trove Classes You Need To Try

Trove has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. With that, millions of new players are hopping into the world for their first time. With 14 classes to choose from, there has been confusion among players who want to choose and commit to a class long-term. For that, we have a guide.

We’ve tried out each of the 14 classes, and have found a few that are particularly fun to play and, perhaps more importantly, powerful. Let’s go over five of them below. Note that these are in no particular order.


Description: The Boomeranger – pronounced Boom-eh-Ranger – is a true jack of all trades. Pick your bow, blade, bomb or boomerang as needed!


  • Boomerang – Catch the Boomerang when it returns, and reduce the cooldowns on all your abilities!
  • Big Bomb – While words and kindness can solve some problems, others are best approached with a bomb. A Big Bomb.
  • Ultimate: Mysterious Urn – It could contain rare crystals to restore your health, a passel of explosives to defeat your enemies, or something altogether different!

Why It’s Good: When it comes to sustain damage at range the Boomeranger is in a class of its own. This class doesn’t rely on a resource, and thus is able to constantly deliver damage while staying alive with surprisingly strong defensive capabilties. When it comes to damage there is a degree of variability due to how its offense works, but overall it’s competitive. Known for being a master of mining, many groups like to take a Boomeranger along as a utility role, placing it in high demand.

You Should Play This Class If: You prefer to serve in a utility role as a ranged damage dealer.


Description: The Chloromancer is no garden variety mage! Imbued with flower power, this helpful healer nips opposition in the bud, while keeping friends feeling fresh as daisies.


  • Leafy Lasher – Plant flowers that snare and attack enemies once they’ve blossomed. Heal the little bud to speed up its growth.
  • Blooming Pollinator – Keep your allies feeling fresh as daisies with healing herbs that grow over time. Once the plants reach full strength, they’ll explode in a burst of pollen, damaging all enemies.
  • Ultimate: Sow Chaos – Unleash the full extent of your flower power by sowing the seeds of destruction everywhere! Sap your enemies’ health and heal your friends with a battlefield of magical blooms.

Why It’s Good: The Chloromancer is a master of keeping a party alive. Using heals and some moderate offensive pressure with AoE crowd control, it is one of the most desired classes by parties. Though, it is not easy to play the class effectively, especially in a group setting, but your dedication is well worth it. A well played Chloromancer is nearly impossible for enemies to kill thanks to its strong passive defense and healing, resulting in incredible sustainability.

You Should Play This Class If: You prefer to play as a healer.

Lunar Lancer

Description: The Lunar Lancer is a fearless fox blessed by the moon! Every foe under the stars will tremble at the sight of his swift grappling spear and nimble feet.


  • Grappling Spear – Cast your grappling spear into buildings, mountains, or enemies and leap to that location with an explosive bang!
  • Crescent Combo – Knock your enemies skyward with a fearsome one-two combo that’ll leave them seeing stars.
  • Ultimate: Blessing of the Moon – Summon a celestial spear that damages enemies and regenerates Health and Energy for allies! In Lunatic form, this Blessing will send meteors down from the sky for additional damage.

Why It’s Good: The Lunar Lancer might have low defense, but it’s capable of more damage than any other melee class in the game. Positioning and timing are of paramount importance with this class, and it relies on a brief stun to control enemies. When combating lesser enemies, such as in the case of speed runs, only a couple other classes can compare in terms of effectiveness. This class is remarkably powerful in the hands of a skilled player, and is exciting to play although potentially frustrating for newer players.

You Should Play This Class If: You prefer to play melee classes that specialize in high damage.

The Revenant

Description: Rise as a Revenant – a spear-wielding, shield-bashing, spectral suit of armor! Sacrifice health to damage foes and protect your allies from harm.


  • Bulwark Bash – Shield slam your enemies into submission and force them to focus their attacks on you.
  • Spirit Spears – Summon ghostly spears from the spirit realm to attack your foes, but beware: you’ll need to sacrifice your own blood to cast it.
  • Ultimate: Spirit Storm – Exchange health to channel a whirling vortex of explosive spirit energy that draws in and damages foes, while also healing friends.

Why It’s Good: Equipped with the highest health pool in the game, The Revenant is a force to be reckoned with. It is tanky, intimidating, and the cornerstone of a strong party. With high survivablity it is very effective in solo play, using self-heals to survive for long periods of time while whittling down enemies. It is also not as gear dependent as many other classes, making it newcomer friendly.

You Should Play This Class If: You prefer to play as a tank.

Tomb Raiser

Description: Steal health from foes to fortify your macabre minions! Or sacrifice your skeletal subordinates to create a gargantuan Grave Golem. Either way, this nefarious necromancer is bad to the bone.


  • Bonetourage – Spawn a skeletal minion that will fight by your side until your enemies are dust.
  • Banshee’s Boon – Use a soul to step into shadow and channel energies from the afterlife to heal your minions.
  • Ultimate: Grave Golem – Construct a monstrous minion from the bones of your skeletal subordinates! The more skellies you sacrifice, the larger the burly brute will be.

Why It’s Good: The Tomb Raiser is a well-composed class that is capable of serving many roles. Its high health pool and drain potential allow it to tank better than most other classes, all while dealing dangerous damage to all who oppose it. With access to a minion it isn’t completely reliant on being able to free cast, resulting in high uptime on offensive pressure. Although not necessarily highly demanded among parties, the Tomb Raiser makes up with it by being arguably the best solo class in the game.

You Should Play This Class If: You prefer to play a class that is a jack-of-all-trades.