Funny Persona 5 Glitch Replaces Japanese Voiceovers With Constantly Rotating Music

A large population of JRPG fans prefer to play their games with Japanese voiceovers for authenticity. In response to this, Atlus has released a Persona 5 Japanese Audio Pack on the PlayStation Store, allowing players to toggle between English and Japanese within the configuration menu.

Although the reception to the Japanese Audio Pack has been positive, one user has run into a glitch that's equally humorous and annoying.

Twitter user Unsomnus posted a video on his feed which is described as the following:

I downloaded the Japanese audio and now all my voices and sound effects are music… uhhh…

— Unsomnus (@Unsomnus)

It is unclear what caused the glitch, and so far there haven't been any reports of it affecting anyone else.

Unsomnus was able to fix the issue by uninstalling Persona 5 and all its associated data before reinstalling the game. Thanks to cloud saves his progress wasn't lost in the process.

Many players agree that the English voiceovers are relatively well-delivered, although there are concerns about the localization work. Some translations didn't fare well, and result in bizarre moments.

Persona 5 is the biggest game of April 2017. To check out the full list of releases arriving this month, see here.


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