The People Speak: United Against G2A

This week the G2A controversy dominated headlines. While a lot of gamers rely on its store for low prices on games, many are tired of its policies which hurt developers. One developer even came out and said that he'd rather you pirate his game than buy it on G2A.

Microsoft also revealed the full specs for its upcoming Project Scorpio console, leading to widespread speculation about how the console might fare on the market.

Lastly, you might see a tease for our website relaunch in the next few days.

Below are 10 featured comments from our community.


Article: G2A Breaks Silence Over Gearbox Controversy, Calls Allegations By TotalBiscuit 'False and Defamatory'

Comment: G2A cannot prove that a given key sold on their service is of sound provenance. What they can do, because they actually have the data, is predict with 99.99% accuracy whether a given key might be fake, prevent the sale of it, and work it out with the seller through support if it's a legit sale.

It also doesn't help their claims that there's documented proof of keys bought with stolen credit cards, sold on G2A, the value of the original purchase charged back, and the pubs and devs getting hit with the costs.​


​Article: Indie Dev Asks You To Pirate His Game Rather Than Buy It On G2A

Comment: ​They are NOT the same thing in any way, shape or form. By buying from G2A you are supporting credit card fraud which hits the game developers with chargeback fees, you are GIVING CRIMINALS MONEY TO HURT DEVS.

Stop supporting these guys and stop posting comments continually making excuses for G2A and the scum/fools who buy from them. When multiple game devs have all asked people to pirate their damn game instead of giving G2A money, it's time to wake up to yourself and think about what you're doing.

Bufford Buchanan

Article: BioWare Vows To Remedy Issues With Mass Effect Andromeda Trans Character Hainly Abrams

Comment: ​This is just obnoxious. If you use your imagination, there are probably tons of closeted trans characters in the game. Bioware is trying so hard to make everyone happy that nobody is happy.

God Mode Raptor Ivory_Soul

Article: Indie Dev Calls Switch's Graphical Power "Pretty Darn Close" To PS4 And Xbox One​

Comment: ​Well, I was pretty darn close to dating Alexandria in junior high and that didn't happen. Pretty darn close gets you nowhere.

The Wii was pretty darn close to a quarter of a PS3 and the Wii U was pretty darn close to being a console!



Article: Here's How Project Scorpio Compares To PS4 Pro And Xbox One

Comment: ​This thing sounds great. If it's $500, it's def something for me to consider IF Xbox can get some real quality exclusives. It's yet to put out a must have game for me. Hopefully developers have more faith in this thing. I may come across as a Sony/Nintendo fanboy, but I do want to see Xbox one be more successful.


Article: Seamless 4K Wii U Emulation Is Almost Real Thanks To Cemu

Comment: ​My philosophy on emulation is not to download any games that are still being sold by the publisher for their original system. So until new Wii U games are no longer being produced, I'm not even going to think about using this.


Article: Persona 5 Scores Series' Biggest UK Launch Ever, Tops Sales Charts

Comment: ​"and bodes well for the green light of an assumed P6 sometimes down the road. Not that there was ever any doubt."

There was no doubt about it indeed. I'm in my mid-thirties, so I assume my children will get to play P6 when it comes out and I'll be long dead.


Article: Credit Card And Customer Data May Have Been Compromised In GameStop Hack

Comment: ​Thanks for the vid. My conclusion after watching it is that either a lot has changed for Gamestop in the six years since he posted that, or I've been very lucky. I've been in a lot of Gamestops; here in the Silicon Valley area they're almost as common as Starbucks. And I've never had the kind of shopping experience he describes as their sales strategy. The employees say hi when I enter, but otherwise they leave me alone until I go up to the counter. And when I buy something, they make the usual up-sell offers they're supposed to make, but I always give them a polite "no thank you" and they just accept that. They never harass me or try to bait me in the manner he describes. And since I'm not dumb enough to actually agree to sell them my used stuff for pennies on the dollar, that side of their business doesn't intrude on my experiences at all.

Ultimately, I just don't find this video very convincing, because my own experiences of shopping there contradict most of its claims.


Article: Stellaris: Utopia Review

Comment: I'm going to have to get back into Stellaris at some point. I put a decent amount of time into it on launch but it was severely lacking in the mid-game. It sounds like they've made some solid progress.​


Article: Yooka-Laylee Might Not Resonate In A Post-'Batman Arkham' World

Comment: ​One of my favorite things about The Swapper was that you had every mechanic within the first 5% of the game and you could solve every puzzle room you walked into on the spot.

That said, I think the mere fact that I now know there are mechanical toll gates (Thanks, James!) is going to remove the problem entirely for me when I get around to playing this–I'll just move on if I can't solve something in a few tries until I've unlocked everything.