Uh Oh: Prey Door Glitch Could Break The Game

Four days before the release of Prey, Arkane Studios has their day-one patch work cut out for them. During the "Opening Hour" demo for Prey available on consoles, several YouTubers have discovered a glitch that will let you get through any door without needed a key card, hacking or finding another path.

To do this, you will need to unlock the skill Leverage 1, at least, because this requires moving a heavy object, and you'll also need the GLOO Cannon. Simply create a small arch around the door (to prevent upward motion) and position yourself under this arch with your back to the door. Then, move a heavy object in front of you. After that, simply fire GLOO directly at that object, and the stacks of GLOO will push you though the door.

This is obviously a serious glitch for a game that relies so much on exploration and puzzling level design. You can spend 2-3 hours on the Opening Hour demo alone because there is so much to explore, and trying to work around different locked doors is a big part of that playtime. Maybe you're searching for a keycard, trying to find an alternate path, or trying to clear a path by finding Neuromods to unlock the necessary skills, but you're always trying to get into a place you can't.

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Of course, this method requires a not-insignificant amount of GLOO, but, pretty early on, you find the plans to create GLOO Cannon ammo from resources you find throughout the environment and recycle, so you should never be too strapped for this resource.

A glitch like this could artificially accelerate a player's progress, and it could make it so extra exploration isn't much of a priority. Instead of needing to scrounge around in every nook and cranny for a key card, you can simply glitch your way through the door you want.

People have already used this glitch to access areas not intended to be seen in the demo. Imagine what could happen with the full game, when you have access to levels besides Talos 1 Lobby? It's serious enough that Arkane Studios needs to address it

My guess is that this glitch will be fixed by a very early patch, perhaps even pre-launch, as it poses such a threat to the fiber of Prey. Arkane Studios, as I said, has four days to figure this out. If it's not done by launch, you can bet I'm going to make use of it.