Letter From The Editor: What Recurring Feature Would You Like Added To GameRevolution?

In just a few short days GameRevolution will enter a new era. With this we will continue on our path of improvement in delivering content that covers the wide breadth of the gaming industry, from hardware to software, and PC to console. This content will also focus on community interaction, encouraging dialog on a wide range of topics.

Most recently we've revived fan favorite recurring features such as Tell GR, What Are You Playing?, The People Speak, and Buy, Try, Die. Now, we're looking to add something new to our repertoire that is decided upon by the community.

What recurring feature idea would you like to see on on a weekly or monthly basis? We are looking for something that can manageably be published regularly, has great potential for diversification across dozens if not hundreds of posts, is community oriented, and is a new idea at GameRevolution.

Post your idea in the comments below, and be sure to share what you think about ideas posted by other users. We will exchange dialog back and forth until we decide upon something.

Thanks for your support.

– Jonathan