10 Quick Tips to Beating Trial of the Sword in Zelda: The Master Trials DLC

So you’re on your quest to complete Trial of the Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s new DLC package, The Master Trials. As you might have heard, this is no easy task. Considered the penultimate challenge of the game, your success will grant you a fully upgraded Master Sword, the best weapon in the game. But you’re going to have to earn it.

We spent all last night playing through Trial of the Sword, and have some quick tips to share. Check them out below.

1. Use Your Runes

Limited resources will be your main enemy in Trial of the Swords. Weapons are hard to come by, and you definitely aren’t going to be able to run around with limitless arrows.

Due to this, your Runes are arguably your best asset against enemies, particularly the Remote Bomb. These can be used to destroy enemies without requiring any resources. This is particularly important in the early levels when enemies are easy to kill and you want to amass a library of any items you can scavenge.


2. Make Your Shot Count

Arrows are one of the most useful items you’ll come across. These can be used to lower bridges, and take care of pesky enemies that present a challenge up close.

You’ll regularly run out of arrows if you shoot them without great caution. Aim carefully, and make sure to keep a couple on reserve.

3. Split ‘Em Up

Kiting is extremely important for avoiding unnecessary damage. It is recommended that you learn how to pull enemies and separate them. Nothing is more dangerous than facing several enemies at a time.

This is also very useful against the explosive blob type enemies that deal catastrophic AoE damage when killed. Keep your distance, and play it safe.

4. Use Your Environment

You will run out of weapons if you rely on them too much, which can prove disastrous. Thankfully, your environment can be used as an ally.

If you look around you’ll find rocks and barrels that can be picked up and thrown for significant damage. You can also use fiery brush and wind currents to your advantage.


5. Always Cook Your Food

Food is rare in Trial of the Sword, so you’ll need to get every last bit of use out of them that you can. Eaten alone, food usually only restores half a heart or so, but if you cook it over a fire, it’ll gain much more effectiveness.

Campfires are only available every few levels. Knowing this, you’ll want to hold onto your bananas and meat until you find a campfire, and then get to work like Chef Gordon Ramsey.

6. Loot Everything

This might be obvious, but it’s common to grow impatient over time and forget to completely scavenge an area for items. Don’t let this happen. Pick up everything  you can, because it’ll be used sooner or later.

Some items are hidden in boxes, so be sure to crush those before moving to the next level.

7. Master the Art of Dodging

Executed by tapping the jump (X) button when a weapon is out, dodging is the best way to get into the face of enemies and avoid damage. If you’re able to perfect your timing, you can spar with the toughest foes at a fast pace.

Positioning is also important. Find ways to use the trees and walls around you to give yourself an advantage.


8. Get to the High Position

As in real world battles, it’s preferable to be in a high position. This not only grants you greater visibility, but in the case of Zelda allows you to jump onto an enemy and crush them.

Due to this, it is advised that at the beginning of a level you climb any ladders present to get as high as possible.

9. Kill Easy Enemies First

By taking out the easier enemies, you can lower the number of dangers present on a level.

Also, these weak enemies may drop weapons that you can use to make sure you’re equipped to take on the bigger guys.

10. Be Patient

There’s a good chance that you won’t complete Trial of the Sword on your first try. Learn from your mistakes, and know that it will take a few tries before you’re successful. And when you are, it will all be worth it—so you can brag to your friends.

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