Letter from the Editor: An Introduction to Editor Brittany Vincent

[Editor’s Note: This letter will introduce Brittany Vincent, a new staff member at GameRevolution. The below is written by her.]

Look at you, hacker. You decided you wanted to learn more about me. Okay, well, I’m no SHODAN, but I’ll try not to disappoint. My name’s Brittany, and I’ve been gaming all my life. I’ve been covering games for just over ten years. It’s great to be here with you all!

My mantra is “if it looks interesting, I want to play it.” I don’t limit myself to specific genres. However, FPSs, survival horror/horror, western and Japanese RPGs, platformers, music/rhythm games, fighters and adventure games strike my fancy. I’m also a “quirk hunter” and I seek out games such as LSD: Dream Emulator, Mirai Nikki or Space Funeral because they’re some of the most intriguing games out there. Then there are classics I love like I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream and Phantasmagoria. Excellent stuff. In many cases, the more uncomfortable a game tries to make me feel, the more inclined I am to explore it when it comes to these bizarre finds. The weirder, the better! I’m also a gorehound, natch.


When it comes to my favorite games, I don’t know how I could ever choose just one favorite. Instead, I tend to go with a few: System Shock 2, Day of the Tentacle, and Final Fantasy IX. On some days I like to swap them out with Gitaroo Man or Harvester, but there are too many games that have influenced me in major ways throughout the years.

I’m sure you can guess why SHODAN might have been one of my favorite constant companions, or why FFIX remains my favorite “final” adventure for the impulsive Dagger, Tantalus, and the monstrous Queen Brahne, but why Day of the Tentacle? It made me laugh. Sure, plenty of point-and-click adventurers gave that luxury back in the LucasArts heyday, but how often does a game give you a hearty chuckle these days? You say “plenty,” and I say “not often enough.” Purple is even immortalized on my left arm forever as a tattoo.

I spend most of my time gaming or writing about it, but I do have several other hobbies as well. Anime, comics, and horror movies are just some of my vices, as are numbers stations, unique accessories (yes, I have a purse made out of a hollowed-out NES) and collecting old strategy guides, magazines and classic gaming loot. I also love Japanese games, especially those in the vein of visual novels and other quirky adventures like the Senran Kagura series and Gal Gun.


As far as my background in writing goes, I’ve written for tons of publications: Rolling Stone, Popular Science, Playboy, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Hyper Magazine, Otaku USA, Engadget, Maximum PC, AskMen, Shacknews, Modojo, Tom’s Guide, Laptop Magazine, GameSpot, G4, Kotaku, Joystiq, IGN, Destructoid, and more. I’m hoping to bring you guys all kinds of great content with my extensive expertise. Please don’t hesitate to get with me if you have questions or just want to chat.

And as Ulala loves to say, staaaaaay tuned!