What Are You Playing? July 13th, 2017

Welcome to another week of ‘What Are You Playing?’, the feature where we talk with our community about what games are keeping us busy.

This week I’ve been playing Miitopia on the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Although the review embargo for Miitopia won’t be up for a couple more weeks, I recently shared how surprisingly impressed I’ve been with Nintendo’s new handheld, going as far as calling it “the most refined Nintendo handheld ever“.

Meanwhile, Brittany Vincent is neck deep in Splatoon 2, which currently has a very small pool of players to play with and against online due to it being pre-release. However, she says it’s a lot of fun and a big step up from the prior release in terms of content quantity.

And just about everyone else is playing Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age apparently. I should probably get on that.

What are you playing? Head over to our official forum thread and let us know.