5 PlayStation VR Games That Channel the Frenetic Energy of Superhot VR

If you’ve held off on jumping on the PlayStation VR bandwagon until now with the impending release of Superhot VR, you’ve missed out on some particularly excellent releases exclusive to PlayStation’s stab at virtual reality. Since its debut, PlayStation VR has welcomed several twitch-based shooters, rhythm games and other experiences that channel the raucous nature of Superhot VR, which launches on July 19.

If you’re looking for something that feels as exhilarating in the realm of VR and you haven’t shelled out the cash for a Vive or Oculus Rift PC setup just yet, you might consider trying one of these five games for some fast and furious action that’ll have you ready to pick off fools while time has stopped. Or it’ll leave you with a virtual reality addiction that can’t be sated. Either way.


Thumper is a shooter on rails, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It requires razor-sharp reflexes and quick response times, because otherwise you’re going to be extremely frustrated while playing. You control a chrome beetle-like being zipping to and fro on a track that seems as though it stretches out forever. There are walls, spikes, and other obstacles to avoid before the end of the area, during which you’ll have to confront bosses by slinging powerful energy at them. It’s all set to a thumping bass soundtrack, and playing in VR is decidedly terrifying, because the danger feels so much more immediate. It feels nearly like being in the cockpit of a fast-moving vehicle headed for a crash, so when you do hit a wall, it completely shatters you. It’s very much worth picking up for that reason alone.


This neon-hued puzzler has you scrambling to match the silhouettes of shapes as they fly toward a gap. It may sound simplistic and silly, but that’s before you’ve actually sat down and had a turn with it. There’s twitch precision required if you’re going to conquer even the smaller shapes’ puzzles, and as you barrel toward them in first-person view thanks to PlayStation VR, there’s a real sense of urgency that keeps pushing you forward. Failure isn’t particularly annoying, as it only has you coming back for more each time you crash. Seeing it all up close is only the cherry on top.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Okay, so this one’s more tinged with regular, run-of-the-mill horror scenes, but if you’re interested in shooter mechanics and target practice, this is one of the best that PlayStation VR has to offer. It may not have the same level of tension as the original (excellent) Until Dawn game, but it’s got its own share of spooky jump scares and deliciously nightmarish imagery with opportunities aplenty to shoot at the crazies. It’s legitimately terrifying sometimes, too.

Rez Infinite

A VR remake of one of the greatest rail shooters of all time, Rez Infinite includes a VR mode and even a brand new area that’s unlocked upon completion of the game. It’s one thing to experience the genius of Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s rhythm shooter in its normal state, but being able to look around in the game world with your VR headset adds another completely new element, especially in boss battles where you’re literally being chased by enormous beings and having to outrun them as well. You’ve never tripped so efficiently in Rez, and its VR iteration is one of the best games in VR period, let alone for PlayStation’s system.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

While this is less similar to the other games on this list, it still serves up an air of immediacy that Superhot VR also possesses. You’ll want to play this with others, especially since one person has to wear the VR headset and the other has to read over a special manual to help instruct the other how to defuse a bomb that’s ticking down. There’s only one problem. You have to communicate effectively and expertly describe what you see in VR to the person with the manual. That’s easier said than done, but it’s oh-so-much fun to attempt.