October 2017 Is Going to Be One of the Best Months In Gaming Ever

Looking at the next couple months of releases, it’s easy to become excited for what’s to come. LawBreakers, Agents of Mayhem, Destiny 2, Divinity: Original Sin II, and Cuphead are just a few games coming in August and September.

While these two months are strong in and of themselves, they don’t even come close to how jam-packed October 2017 is going to be.

When this October arrives, gamers are going to have to pick and choose very carefully from an assortment of top-shelf titles. Shooters, action games, two of the biggest racing games of the generation, and more are scheduled to arrive during the month.

For a quick overview, you can see what games are coming out in October 2017 via the gallery below:

We’ve experienced many great years in gaming, but rarely do you see a month of this caliber. Many would call 1998, 2004, and 2007 the best years in gaming history, but these years relied on amazing releases spread across many calendar months. This time around, October alone is able to carry most of the weight of 2017.

At this point we’re convinced that at least one of the major games scheduled for October 2017 will be delayed. The competition is so ferocious that meeting such a deadline will only make it harder to stand out from the competition, and frustrate gamers who will feel left out when they can’t buy everything they’re interested in.

It’s a stark contrast from this month, which is one of the worst the industry has ever seen, barren with tumbleweeds blowing around a Final Fantasy remaster.

As difficult as covering October 2017 effectively will be, at this point we’re excited to get out of this desert and start finding ourselves neck deep in great experiences again. Bring it on, gaming industry.