What Are You Playing? July 20th, 2017

Welcome to another week of Summer gaming drought. Although it’s been hard to find compelling games to play recently, there have been some neat releases that sadly didn’t get much visibility.

Among them is Albion Online, an MMO I’ve been playing during the past few days. I’ve been traveling around its world gathering materials to upgrade my gear, and occasionally getting into scuffles. It’s EVE Online-esque in some of the best ways, particularly in how the world allows ganking between players, and loot drops on death. It’s kind of scary at times, to say the least.

Outside of that I’m wrapping up my time with Miitopia, which will likely be the last 3DS game review we do given its age. It’s a decent game, occasionally expressing charm, but doesn’t hold up well against most of this year’s releases.

Head over to our official What Are You Playing? forum thread and let us know what you’re playing.