The People Speak: South Park and the “Death” of Single-Player

This week we reviewed South Park: The Fractured But Whole, along with giving our thoughts on its approach to comedy (spoilers: we didn’t like it). We also gave our thoughts on Gran Turismo Sport, while also pointing out that there wasn’t a whole lot to do while offline in the racing game.

The big news that EA had closed down Visceral Studios and are seemingly looking to make a Destiny-esque Star Wars game also led to us discussing whether or not single-player games are “dying,”  while The Evil Within 2‘s surprising switch to an open-world saw us explaining why open-world design might be “killing AAA gaming.”

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But that’s enough about us — let’s take a look at what you lovely lot have been up to recently. These are our favorite comments our GameRevolution readers have left us over the course of the past week:


1. sli

Article: Politician Asks UK Government to Regulate Gaming Loot Boxes

Comment: How old do kids have to be to understand the concept of exchanging real life candy money for randomized loot boxes? Can’t we just slap a suitable ESRB rating on games that have these pseudo-gambling features, regardless of how cartoony the game? This way the (irresponsible) parents are the gatekeepers and game content is unaffected. (Good or bad thing I don’t know.)

And why are they only doing this now? Smartphone games have existed for years and years; are these people just slow?


2. Nanotroll 2

Article: The Enthusiasm for Star Trek Discovery Proves the Franchise Needs New Games

Comment: Star Trek games are basically RPG’s waiting to be made, crossed with flight simulators.

Someone should break the mold and build one like a Battlefield game.

Raven did a good job making a FPS vs. the Borg.


3. Bufford

Article: If Single-Player Games Are “Dying” Then Explain Super Mario Odyssey

Comment: I think the industry is trying to steer everyone to slew of MMOs with lots of loots boxes and other frivolous micro transactions. It’s not really what people want. It’s more like what several of the bigger companies like EA want us to want. There has been a dearth of quality story driven one player games this generation. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some gems. There have also been a lot of half-hearted, over-hyped, content lacking pieces of crap. Way more than I recall from last generation. The industry is changing, but not for the better. We need more CDPRs to put pressure on the big power players who have become overly complacent and arrogant.


4. Negfactor

Article: Remember Cyborg Justice? A Look at 1993’s Underrated Genesis Classic

Comment: I owned this game back in the day. It was a lot of fun, though I remember the jumping mechanics being pretty bad and losing a fair number of lives to jumping over pits. I feel like I got this around the same time as Death Duel, though I had significantly less fun with that.


5. Bjarke Garling

Article: What You Can Do in Gran Turismo Sport Single-Player When Servers are Offline

Comment: Had this experience with the demo as well.

I’ve driven every single GT since GT 2 on PS1, and pretty much loved them all to some extend.

And while GT Sport has been the first game where the IA drivers prove an actual challenge, and drive like you would expect real driver to do, I’ve decided not to buy the game.

At least not at lauch.

I just can’t shake the feeling that there is soooo much content missing in terms of cars and tracks, and that this will inevitably be something I have to spend more money on at some later stage.

I think I’ll wait for some GOTY edition down the road when more content has been added.