GR Votes: What Games Do You Want to See From the Disney/Fox Deal?

As we near the end of 2017, a major deal has occurred in the entertainment industry. Though rumored for the last few weeks, Disney has officially purchased 21st Century Fox. This includes all of Fox’s assets, studios (both TV and film), entertainment channels, and, of course, various properties like X-Men and James Cameron’s Avatar.

This is an impressive (and expensive) move on Disney’s part, finally reuniting Marvel and X-Men for future films. As we noted in our recent feature, this deal could lead to a ton of new games for us to enjoy. We could see a consistent presence of X-Men in all future Marvel games, an Avatar game, or even a new Alien survival horror game that truly captures the feel of the movie series.

That’s all before thinking about all of the potential crossovers for games like Kingdom Hearts. The Square Enix-developed series is a marvel in itself, bringing players to Disney-owned worlds like Tron and Toy Story. Though Kingdom Hearts 3 is most likely too far along in development to make any major additions, future spin-offs and sequels could now offer an Avatar or Marvel level complete with the X-Men and Fantastic Four.

Ryan Reynolds is set to return as Deadpool next year, so this could allow for a high quality video game to come from one of Disney’s many video game partners. The possibilities are truly endless, and we want to know what you’d like to see come of this deal. You can click the link below to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on potential game(s) you want.

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Last week’s results: It has been a busy fall for us here, so we didn’t have a chance to poll you guys on anything last week. However, the week before, we asked everyone which platform had the best 2017: PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch? It was a close race but PS4 just barely edged out over Nintendo Switch. Thanks to all who voted!