Tell GR: How Can the Xbox One Get Back in Your Good Books?

This week we’ve been seeing reports that Microsoft is knuckling down to sharpen its focus on first-party exclusive games, with the company looking to regain the ground it’s been steadily losing with the Xbox One.

Under Phil Spencer’s guidance, Xbox is attempting to reposition itself as a leader in the gaming space, meaning that it needs to start competing with Sony’s impressive line-up of exclusives. As part of this initiative, a new report has claimed that Microsoft has been looking to purchase the likes of EA, Valve and PUBG Corp.

While the purchasing of EA and Valve may be unlikely, the fact remains that Microsoft certainly needs to make some drastic changes if it is to regain the Xbox owners it lost in the transition from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. Many people have converted to the PS4 this console generation, and the release of the Nintendo Switch has given players another excellent option ahead of Microsoft’s console.

So what can Microsoft do to win you back? Let us know what changes you’d make to the Xbox One in the comments section below.