Shadow of the Colossus and the Other Most Wanted PS2 Remakes

Shadow of the Colossus has recently received a remake for the PS4, and that’s pretty awesome. The game was a work of art when it was first released, and it looks even better on a current gen console. There are plenty of other PS2 games that could use remakes though, so we thought we’d list a few that are especially in need of some remake magic. In no particular order, here’s the PS2 remasters we want to see the most.

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex

The Crash N. Sane Trilogy remakes for the PS4 were wildly popular, and they reestablished the bandicoot’s place as a platforming star. It featured detailed remakes from the ground up of all three classic original Crash games and made them even better than before. The Wrath of Cortex was always kind of an oddball though, as it came out before the series started really tanking, but wasn’t quite as good as previous entries in the series. A remake of its own could do it some serious good if it got as much love and attention as the other games did in the N. Sane Trilogy. A graphics boost, fully playable Coco, gameplay adjustments, and more could go a long way towards making Wrath as popular as the other titles, and it could be an excellent jumping off point for an alternate canon featuring completely new Crash games for fans to love.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil is something of a cult classic, and while it did get an HD re-release a while back, that’s just not good enough for us. A prequel is in the works at the moment so now would be a perfect time to get people hyped again by completely remaking the game and updating it graphically to get it up to date with the new game before it comes out. It could also fix up the somewhat rushed endgame a bit to make it as much fun as the rest of the game, which would certainly be nice.

God of War

In a similar vein, God of War is getting a reboot of sorts with a release date set for 4/20. Sony Santa Monica has said that no remasters for the original two games are in the works, but developers change their minds frequently, and we think that now would be a great time to put out a full remake of the first game in order to introduce new players to Kratos. Of course, they might need to change the title of the game to something like God of War: Kratos’ Origins in order to differentiate it from the upcoming sequel, but those specifics could be worked out down the road.


Fatal Frame

Good horror can be hard to come by, but Fatal Frame is good horror. With some graphical updates and maybe some adjustments to the controls to be more in line with the better aspects of its sequels, a remake of the original Fatal Frame could remain mostly unchanged from the original in terms of structure, and still blow players away with its improved atmosphere paired with its still fairly unique gameplay. Nothing worth doing is easy, but this might be one of the easier games to remake while still being excellent simply because the visual improvements could do all the heavy lifting here.


Michigan: Report From Hell

On one hand, Suda 51’s attempt at horror had unique gameplay, but on the other hand, a remake would have to fix an awful lot. We chose this as the last title on the list though because the work would likely be worth it. The game had its own unique gameplay that mimicked the filming of a found footage-style horror documentary while indirectly controlling a reporter through prompts to investigate and fight, and a lot of the monster designs in it were seriously creepy. The voice acting and written script were awful, but with heavy re-writes and a better set of voice actors, the game could go from having a small cult following to being well-known by gamers interested in the genre. The graphical updates wouldn’t hurt either, of course.

Which of these would you want updated the most, and what other titles would you like to see get remakes? Let us know in the comments below!