What Are You Playing? Metal Gear Survive, Fortnite, and More

Jason (Lead Editor): I’ve been playing Metal Gear Survive the past few days, and I’ve still got mixed feelings about it. It’s a lot of fun in bursts, but the tedium of survival starts to kick in after a few hours. I think I’ll try out the new release of Bayonetta tonight to switch things up.

Paul (Executive Editor): You may notice a recurring theme here, but this week I’ve been playing Overwatch. Unexpected, I know. The truth is that when I haven’t got a game to review or one that I really want to play, I find it difficult to consider playing anything other than OverwatchMetal Gear Survive didn’t tickle my fancy, Kingdom Come almost certainly isn’t my kind of game, and I can imagine playing Bayonetta on the Switch would give me carpal tunnel. No thanks. I’ll stick to screaming at my monitor when a Riptire blows my team up on the last point.

Mack (News Editor): The big new Fortnite 3.0.0 update demands my attention. I’ll be trying out the new hand cannon, which kicks out ridiculous headshot damage, and leveling up with the new Season 3 Battle Pass!

Alleef (Staff Writer): This week I’m still playing The Witcher 3: Game Of The Year Edition. After so many hours, I’ve chosen to explore the question marks on the map rather than completing the main quests. It’s just so enjoyable, this world that CD Projekt Red has crafted. Until I buy some new games, I’ll be spending my time with Geralt of Rivia and keep crafting better Witcher gear to equip him with.

But that’s enough about us — let us know what YOU have been playing this week in the comments below!