Here Are All the Smash Bros Switch Characters Featured in the New Trailer

Super Smash Bros Switch has been revealed, with yesterday’s Nintendo Direct trailer dropping the news that it’ll be released in 2018 and that the Inklings will make a prominent appearance.

A Smash Bros Switch announcement has been rumored for a while now, and it was inevitable that it would release on the console, though there has been uncertainty surrounding what form it would take. Would it be a remaster of Smash Bros Wii U? A remake of Super Smash Bros Melee? Or a completely new game altogether?

There isn’t much information available at the moment, with the only details we have to go on being the characters highlighted in its new trailer. The trailer sees Splatoon 2‘s colorful protagonists being confronted by a glowing, fiery Smash Bros logo, with a bunch of characters standing in front of it:

smash bros switch characters

We already know that the Inklings are in it, while there are also close-ups of Mario and Link. Link also appears to be wearing his Breath of the Wild garb, which does give additional credibility to the argument that this will be a brand new game, though it could also be a remastered reskin.

Along with the Inklings, Mario and Link, there are silhouettes of more characters standing in the distance. These characters are only shown for a brief period of time, though a number of theories have already sprouted up attempting to figure out who these silhouettes belong to.

Smash Bros Switch Characters Revealed

We’ve scoured through the various theories that have popped up online and put on our detective hats, in an effort to figure out every character that will be appearing in Smash Bros Switch so far. Take a look through the gallery below for the results: