The People Speak: Sea of Thieves Divides Opinion, Spyro Trilogy Outed as a Hoax, and More

It was a big week for new game releases this week. Ni no Kuni 2 came outSea of Thieves finally gave Xbox One owners a console exclusive, and A Way Out offered us a unique co-op game to play in the middle of these two big-budget titles.

With these new games, GameRevolution’s loyal readers have inevitably had a lot to say. From a widespread difference of opinion regarding Rare’s new pirating adventure, through to the Spyro Treasure Trilogy being confirmed as a hoax, we’ve been reading your comments this week and have come up with some of our favorites. Here’s this week’s edition of The People Speak, and don’t forget to keep commenting next week for a chance to be featured next Sunday!


Article: Sea of Thieves Pre-Review: What We Think of Rare’s Pirate Game So Far

Comment: I’m living in the moment and having a lot of fun right now.

A solo pirate on a one-man ship snuck on board our 4-man ship and stayed hiding on the very bottom level.

We found him, shot him, ran to the opposite side of the beach with gunpowder barrels and blew his ship to the bottom of the ocean..

Good times.



Article: Sea of Thieves Pre-Review: What We Think of Rare’s Pirate Game So Far

Comment: “It also has the best water effects I’ve ever seen in a game, making sea travel equal parts enthralling and terrifying”

100% agree on this. Graphics are pretty amazing, but I’m concerned I would eventually get bored with the gameplay loop lacking progression. Then again, I’d probably complain about some basement dweller having a +5 gun with a juggernaut warship compared to my measly boat since I can’t play 24/7. The former is better I suppose. The $60 price point is a bit off putting as well



Article: Spyro Treasure Trilogy is a Hoax, Reddit Troll Issues Apology

Comment: I think almost all gamers at one point in their lives, either when they’re younger, or even older, tell a lie about an upcoming video game to see peoples reaction.



Article: Xbox Controller Used by US Navy to Operate Latest Attack Submarine 

Comment: I guarantee that the military did ergonomics studies before going with the 360 controller. I still think the 360 controller in my favorite controller of all time. I could play for hours with no issues. I used to pause games to stretch my hands when I played my PS2 for extended periods of time. Used to take frequent breaks to stretch my hands when I played SNES and NES when I had little kid hands. Controller ergonomics are a big deal.


Marco Caballero

Article: Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Review – To Be a King

Comment: To be honest, I trust this site more than the aggregated reviews of everyone. The metascore is a good metric to gauge the overall score of a game, but if you find a specific outlet that matches with your taste better than the average, then that’s a better indicator.

Also, all of the stuff I said still holds up. The Witcher 3 is one of the greatest games that has been release in a decade (see metascore :P) and yet, playing it at release time vs a year later is SUCH a different experience, it was vastly improved.

To me, there’s only one good reason to buy a game at launch time: It’s an IP/developer you want to support.