The People Speak: The Xbox One 2, Video Game Leaks, and More

April is coming to an end, and with it, we conclude a massive month for GameRevolution. Over the past few weeks, not only have we brought to life a brand new weekly podcast, but we’ve also relaunched the GR Twitch channel, pulling in over 500,000 viewers since we started it back up last week. If you haven’t followed us yet, be sure to do so!

Of course, none of this would be possible without our loyal readers, so here are our favorite comments that you’ve left on GR this past week. Be sure to keep commenting next week, too, in order to be featured on next Friday’s edition of The People Speak.


Article: The Witcher Netflix Show Will Have Eight Episodes, Might Release in 2020

Comment: I had no idea this was a thing. Between LOTR on Amazon, this and Wheel of Time, it’s a good time for the fantasy genre and one of them is bound to be good (hopefully all of them)

GR Says: I initially read this as ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ and I’m now sad that there isn’t a high-fantasy game show. Well, aside from Family Feud, but the only fantasy there is Steve Harvey’s likeability. 



Article: What Shenmue’s Simpler Open World Can Teach Modern Games

Comment:  Fired up a friend’s Dreamcast last night to see how it holds up. I was pleasantly surprised, a lot of the animations throughout are very good. The voice acting is a bit hilarious at times but it’s still very groundbreaking how dialog with NPCs is in the game.

Pre-ordered the remaster when I got home ^_^

GR Says: Judging by the early footage that’s been shown of Shenmue 3, you won’t have to revisit the first two Shenmue games if you want to play an RPG that feels like it was beamed into the modern day directly from 1999.



Article: Microsoft is Officially Hiring for the Next Xbox One

Comment: Kewl. Bet they learned a lot from all the XBone fail and backlash, but a new console doesn’t mean shit if they aren’t launching awesome games with it. They didn’t seem to understand this when they launched the X even. I hope the new system is a screamer and that Elder Scrolls 6 launches with it.

GR Says: It may not have Elder Scrolls 6, but there’s one thing for certain… it’ll have f***ing Skyrim.


Nanotroll 2

Article: Tell GR: Do You Trust Video Game Leaks?

Comment: In the old days, there were no internet personalities and there were no affordable computers to simply learn about upcoming/new games.

You had to take a chance, buy a game, play it and either be happy or not.

Many games purchased were not good or were seriously flawed.

Now that we have leakers to give us information of this nature we don’t have to buy something we don’t consider a good investment.

There are plenty of leakers I enjoy regularly – including Youtube. I watch cutscenes and gameplay from games I don’t want to spend money on.

GR Says: We’d give you our thoughts on the matter here, but why would we do that when we can instead direct you to this week’s edition of the Cross-Play podcast, where we elaborate upon them in detail?