Cross-Play Podcast Episode 12: Throwing Hands with Sonic Stans

The Cross-Play podcast is back for Episode 12: Throwing Hands with Sonic Stans, where the GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle editorial teams collaborate once again to bring you their opinion on the hottest stories of the week. This Wednesday’s episode is pretty meta, as we dive into the furor surrounding GR’s recent Sonic Mania Plus review, and discuss just why so many don’t seem to understand how the review process works.

After being baffled by our Sonic Mania Plus review going viral thanks to it featuring a lower score than our Sonic Mania review, despite it being reviewed by two completely different people, the Cross-Play boys analyze exactly why so many fail to understand how reviews work. Is it unwitting ignorance? Or a case of fandoms being able to process different opinions? Hear our thoughts on the podcast!

We also discuss the new Nintendo Switch JRPG Octopath TravelerThe Culling 2‘s terrible launch, whether there will ever be a Dead Space 4, and Daddy’s Home 2. Yeah, we’re not sure why, either.

For those who participated in our giveaway, we also announced the winners this week in our reader questions segment. You can check 01:16:30 to find out who won their PS4/PC game this week. If you want to participate in next week’s giveaway, then go ahead and follow GameRevolution on Twitter, where we’ll be announcing details ahead of the podcast recording next week. We’ll be giving away games every week starting now, so be sure to keep it tuned to GR and ask us questions for next week’s podcast. We love our loyal listeners, so

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The Cross-Play podcast is broadcast every Wednesday on GameRevolution and its sister site, PlayStation LifeStyle. Tune in next week when we’ll have more hot takes from the biggest stories in gaming.