Tell GR: What Was Your Generation’s Fortnite?

Fortnite is an unparalleled force in multiplayer gaming, with it leaving all of its competitors in the shade. Though it certainly has a strong following among older players, with it dominating Twitch streams (and occasionally appearing on the GameRevolution Twitch channel), younger gamers are the real driving force behind its success. This thing is so popular it’s basically 2018’s version of Pokemon cards, only cheaper and providing even less incentive for kids to leave their homes.

Fortnite‘s popularity with the younger crowd got the GR staff thinking about the various trends, gaming and otherwise, that were unavoidable during our childhood. The Game Boy? Furby? Tamagotchi? There have been plenty of crazes that have captured kids’ imaginations, leaving parents out of pocket as they fork out cash to keep their offspring happy.

So what was your generation’s version of Fortnite? Show us your age and let us know in the comments section below!