GR Social: What Are Five Video Games That Define Your Tastes?

GR Social is a weekly feature in which we pitch a highly-discussed social media topic to the GR community.

When asked to name our favorite video games, we all have one that immediately pops to mind. But what about the games that define your specific tastes? The games that aren’t just your favorites, but completely summarize exactly why you’re into video games in the first place?

This question was recently raised on Twitter by Wavedash Games’ Jason Rice, who asked his followers to pick five

games that would allow others to “get a feel” for their tastes:

It’s an interesting topic. Some games you may love despite them not really meshing with your overall tastes, while other games are anomalies that directly appeal to you, yet have very few contemporaries that you also enjoy. For instance, I’m a big fan of car combat games such as Twisted Metal, though there are so few decent car combat games that I can’t really say I’m invested in the genre. However, it would certainly help outline my overall taste in games, even if there aren’t many others like it.

So what are five video games that define your tastes? Let us know in the comments section below!