Top 20 Best Games at PAX West 2018

We were on the scene for all four days of PAX West 2018, and there was a ton of amazing games on display. The event was absolutely packed with video game fans, cosplayers, media, and exhibitors that were all there to geek out and show their passion for video games. There weren’t a ton of announcements at this year’s PAX, but we did get to spend some hands-on time with games that were announced at events earlier this year.

We got to see some impressive AAA titles like Resident Evil 2 Remake, but the big stars at PAX were the indie titles. We were blown away by games like World of Horror and Damnview: Built From Nothing, and got to meet some pretty awesome developers. There was a little something for everyone at PAX West 2018, and we think you’ll find a game in our top 20 that fits you like a glove.

PAX West is a more fan-centric affair than E3 and Gamescom, so the demos there were a bit shorter. However, pretty much every game we got an opportunity to play made us thirsty for more.

It was hard to pick a top 20 games of PAX West 2018 since there were so many there that showed the massive creativity and talent of the studios behind them. This list is by no means definitive, and if we had the time, we could have easily thought of a top 40 or top 60. However, for the sake of brevity, the 20 games above are ones you definitely want to keep an eye on.

PAX West brought us into the fall event season, and there are only a few more big shows left in 2018. AAA release season is right around the corner, and those games are guaranteed to take up a lot of your time. Make sure in between Red Dead Redemption and BLOPS 4 sessions to check up on these games. You won’t regret it.