Features we want to see return in Pokemon Sword and Shield

When a franchise lasts as long as Pokemon has, you end up seeing some big changes. Certain new ideas come in, old ideas fall to the wayside, and life goes on. However, with some Pokemon games, it seems like they always take one step forward and two steps back. There are plenty of great features from past games that have never become ingrained in the series for whatever reason. Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield are set for their debut later this year, we’ve gathered a few suggestions. Here are the features we want to see return in one form or another in a new Pokemon adventure.

While it would be amazing for everything on this list to be in one game, it would probably take a huge overhaul to get that done especially since Sword and Shield looks more like a traditional entry in the series than a full evolution. Perhaps that’s because the game is coming to a home console for the first time. It could take some work just to ensure that the traditionally portable franchise looks great on your TV at home.

So, looking forward, perhaps this generation isn’t going to see the return of all these features. Maybe it will be the next generation that sees a Pokemon game that takes advantage of the expanded capabilities of a console release. Or one that truly lets you explore a thriving Pokemon world. It could even let you take the train to new regions and explore old stomping grounds. Sword and Shield may even a game that lets you retire as champion, dive headfirst into contests or set up shop in your own gym; a truly open world online experience with the Pocket Monsters we grew up with.

Or, we could just get more of these RPGs until the end of time. Those seem to sell pretty well.