Tropico 6 and the worst dictators in gaming

Whenever you’re starting a new game of any given city builder, your goal is usually the same: you want efficiency in design. When you’re playing Tropico, that efficiency translates into the total subjugation of an entire island populace. Sure, Tropico plays this off in a humorous fashion, but it’s a dark humor that puts players in some pretty grim company. If you’ve played any shooter with a rebellious hero over the years, you’ve probably run into at least one character that El Presidente would have over for brunch.

To coincide with the imminent launches of both The Division 2 and Tropico 6, here are the worst dictators gaming has to offer. Just Cause‘s Rico Rodriguez is probably somewhere taking notes on this gallery.

So, from Queens to Administrators, gaming has tons of powerful figures with total authority. As you might imagine from fiction in general, most of them don’t see the end of their own stories. Gaming generally tells stories of corrupt individuals getting their just desserts. The entire medium is wonderful at letting people escape the real world, with these heroic tales just being an aspect of that. Especially in 2019, tales of heroic forces retaking what’s theirs can be inspiring to the everyman. One just has to look at the news to see why.

When you sit down to relax with Tropico, it’s a power fantasy for sure. This is a different form of escapism, one you don’t take so seriously. Still, why not try to be nice to your populace, or at least as nice as possible? Maybe lower the prices on rations for one game, or hold off on building a fleet of secret prisons. You could set a good example for whatever real-life authoritative figures with delusions of grandeur might be watching through an FBI spy camera.