The Power of X | The Future of Xbox Game Studios

It’s no secret that Microsoft and Xbox had a rough go at it this generation. Starting off on the wrong foot with a focus on TV production and the Kinect, Microsoft never really had the chance to fully right the ship. Games like Fable: Legends, Scalebound, and the new Phantom Dust saw a swift cancellation. Some other titles, like Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves, just ended up as disappointments. With Microsoft prepping to announce more about project xCloud and its next generation of hardware, it could stage a comeback. After all the company’s recent acquisitions, here are all of its internal developers and where they stand in 2019.

Yes, this year’s E3 conference should be a good show from Xbox Studios. We already know we’ll see more Halo and Gears, but we can’t help but hope for more. More than anyone, Microsoft really needs some fresh franchises to change up their first-party lineup. Players who have been around the block aren’t going to be impressed with the same old faces, especially considering the amazing experiences both Sony and Nintendo are putting out currently.

Of course, it’s also possible that Microsoft is playing the long game now. As we’ve seen with Google’s streaming service Stadia, there’s a whole new type of gaming platform out there. Microsoft’s Azure data centers set them up to be a part of that world in a way that Sony and Nintendo aren’t.

Will Microsoft have all its new studios chasing after the trends of AAA gaming? Will it try to fill out their catalog for Game Pass to sell a more complete subscription to streaming customers? Maybe Microsoft will try a hybrid approach to appeal to both the casual phone user and the hardcore Xbox One X owner? There are a lot of questions, ones that we’ll hopefully see answered this June in Los Angeles at E3.