The GR Report | Why the Google Stadia made us sad

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Stadia of Shite

Google’s Stadia was announced during GDC 2019, with the search engine giant revealing its plans to propel video games into the future with its cloud gaming service. Unfortunately, this leaves people like me behind, as my internet is currently powered by two hamsters furiously spinning on a wheel.

The Stadia looks impressive and all, but what about those of us with slow internet speeds and data caps? If this is why the industry is heading, it’s pretty depressing that it’s going to lock so many out of enjoying it. Tyler Treese addressed this in his feature ‘Google Stadia is the future of gaming, but it isn’t the now’ and our community had some strong thoughts.

“Oh god that really is the controller? It looks so uncomfortable,” GrimmyReaper commented. “Anyway, I doubt it. Google is a great search engine but they are also the people behind YouTube and the Google Play store. Both are fucking embarrassing in terms of how they handle it. Not inspiring much hope for this.”

“If this is the future of gaming, I won’t be gaming in the future,” Bufford concurred. “Sounds terrible. Not all of us have Silicone Valley grade internet…”

It seems that Google has a lot to do if it wants to prove to players that they should abandon their home consoles and move into a digital-only future.


Steam bombs its review bombs

News of Valve employing new policies to combat review bomb campaigns on Steam was controversial. While review bomb campaigns are always nothing more than impotent death rattles from the perennially outraged, GR users discussed how Valve’s vague definitions of what constitutes as “off-topic” reviews could be harmful.

“This isn’t a good thing,” DJJ66 commented. “According to the new rules pointing out DRM and EULA abuse would no longer qualify as a review, which is absolutely asinine and should be something pointed out to consumers who are unaware.”

However, there were some who pointed out that the absence of review bomb campaigns will be a net positive for video games.

“I think user reviews in general have become useless due to too many bad actors,” boba1701 said. “I never know if the issue is the product itself, something political, something petty, some sort of fanboyism, or what. I don’t blame Steam Valve at all for what they’re doing and anyone complaining about this is probably guilty of it in some way or other. For anyone else, just need to find a couple of professional reviewers they trust and stick with them. You’ll be happier in the long room than following faceless strangers who may or may not be bots.”


Reviews of the week

the division 2 review

  • The Division 2, by Mack Ashworth: “Ultimately, The Division 2 is a safe sequel for Massive Entertainment to have made and is a safe purchase for anyone looking to grind for loot in a well-paced, co-op experience set within a gorgeous open world.”
  • Valley, by Alex Santa Maria: “Originally releasing in 2016, Valley recently made the jump to Switch. While its short length and level variety make it appealing as a handheld experience, the power of the Switch leaves this edition of the game lacking.”
  • Left Alive, by Jason Faulkner: With how little marketing Square Enix gave Left Alive, it is evident that they had no faith in it. And, they were right. This game is just not good.”

Features of the week

god of war gdc

What to watch

On the latest edition of GameRevolution Radio, the GR editorial team discussed Minecraft creator Notch’s weird conspiracy theories, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, and THQ Nordic’s ridiculous 8chan AMA:

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