World War Z Characters | The faces against the Zed Army

If you watch a lot of zombie fiction, you begin to see some tropes develop. Plucky survivors who try to keep spirits high. Grizzled war veterans with an itchy trigger finger. Medics used to high stakes situations. However, the cast of World War Z characters has a bit more personality. While some can be slotted into those easy categories, not many serious tales of the apocalypse have a Russian man of God with a sawed-off shotgun. For more extreme examples, join us as we dive through the second half of the World War Z character roster.

This half of the World War Z character roster focuses more on countries other than the United States. The word “World” is in the title of the game, and the various locations players fight through in the campaign bear that out. It’s truly a global effort against the Zed horde, which you can feel in the various selections of characters. From Russia to Japan, you really see how each land handles the outbreak differently, and how its citizens try to survive the end of the world. The different reactions of each World War Z character are a hidden treat in the game.

Sadly, beyond brief character bios and a motion comic, we don’t know a lot about the many World War Z characters. They don’t have any relation to the Brad Pitt film or the novelization where all this started. However, should World War Z get follow-up updates or a full sequel, we can only hope that these characters get a bit more expansion. Sure, they don’t have some of the sci-fi wizardries of the cast of Overwatch, but the varied roster has plenty of room for growth if given the opportunity. Given time, Father Popov and his crew are just as notable as anyone who’s graced Left 4 Dead.