Rage 2 Arsenal | The big f***ing guns of id’s latest shooter

When you think of id games, you think of big, meaty guns. The studio is full of first-person shooter pioneers, and its legacy speaks for itself. You’ve got the Super Shotgun from Doom, the Quake-famous Railgun, and even the chaingun that took down a robotic Nazi. Rage 2 certainly delivers in that sense, given its vast array of weaponry. While the Rage 2 arsenal is small for an open world, it’s got firearms that can rip and tear through all the goons the wasteland has to offer. You just may need to explore quite a bit to find them. Check out every firearm you can rip out of an Ark in the Rage 2 arsenal.

When it comes to weapons in Rage 2, there are two categories. Machines like the Combat Shotgun and the Ranger Assault Rifle are workhorses, putting in the bulk of the work. Their ammo is plentiful around the world and they can dispatch most common enemies in seconds. The Firestorm Revolver and the Grav-Dart Launcher are more novelty acts. They’ll still kill, but the fun lies in creatively combining these tools with your other powers to get the job done. Players looking for less skill in their kills will find themselves only using a limited set of abilities. This works, but it goes against the insane spirit of the full game.

Of course, to get that full experience going, you’ll need to find your weapons of choice. This can be a problem, as Rage 2‘s open world hides lots of secrets. You’ll need to fight through waves of enemies to get to certain Arks, which are the vaults that keep these weapons safe. You don’t need to expand out the Rage 2 arsenal if you want to just complete the story, but you’ll want to see every insane thing that the developers at id and Avalanche came up with.