The Daily Vote | What’s the best kart racing series?

The Daily Vote is a daily community feature in which GameRevolution’s readers choose the victor of a hotly-contested topic. Today we ask the community which kart racing series is the best.

Team Sonic Racing is about to come out, but let’s face it, it’s probably not that good. Fortunately, there are quite a few other kart racing games that will help ease the potential blow of another bad Sonic game.

We put our heads together here at GR and came up with our favorite kart racing franchise’s which you can read below. Now it’s your turn, let us know on Facebook or Twitter by voting for which kart racer you think is best, or comment if it’s not among the four we chose.

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: Everyone knows the best kart racing series is Mario Kart. Every other kart franchise can’t even make it past one, maybe two games. All eight Mario Karts are solid gold, and the series created the genre and perfected it in the same swoop. Every other kart game is derivative of Mario Kart and the only ones that came close to being as good were Diddy Kong Racing, which died when Rare joined Microsoft, and Crash Team Racing, which hasn’t had a decent entry since the first one was made 20 years ago.

Bradley Russell, news editor: It *would* be Crash Team Racing but the rest of the series after the original stunk the joint out like a bandicoot in poop. Mario Kart has to be my pick. It constantly reinvents itself, from Double Dash, to Mario Kart Wii, to Mario Kart 8, without ever losing that core of being a fun and frenetic game, yet open to all comers. Pick up any of the games now, and you’ll be out of first gear in no time. That’s testament to just how timeless they are. I don’t think you can say the same for the others on this list

Michael Leri, features editor: Crash Team Racing is the best kart racer despite the quality of its non-Naughty Dog successors. That PS1 classic didn’t rely on cheap gimmicks like unfair items to create chaos and solid racing. It rode the line well by giving players good weapons but without making it all seem random in a way that Mario Kart always has been. It shows its age in some aspects, but hopefully the remaster will bring it up to speed and show more people how it is the superior kart racer.

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