The Terminator NEEDS to pop up in these upcoming games

One of the most unexpected trends of E3 2019 is the prominence of The Terminator in upcoming blockbuster releases. The producers of Terminator: Dark Fate believe that gamers are the people that will bring their film success, so the T-800 secured guest roles in Gears 5, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and (probably) Mortal Kombat 11. Is that enough time traveling robot love for 2019? We say nay. It’s the more the merrier when it comes to skull crushing laser blasting metallic endoskeletons. Therefore, we here at the GameRevolution Labs have cooked up several pitches for more potential Terminator crossovers in the big games of tomorrow.

The Terminator in Wolfenstein: Youngblood | Mecha Hitler origins

MachineGames’ Wolfenstein games were always imagined as a trilogy. Mecha Hitler, the original end boss of Wolfenstein 3D is considered to be the ultimate end goal, solely because nothing could get more over the top than Hitler in a mech suit. Obviously, these fine developers haven’t considered injecting Skynet’s robotic assassin into the equation. Besides, what better time to introduce The Terminator than Wolfenstein: Youngblood, the ’80s themed spinoff to the shooter franchise?

In this theoretical DLC expansion for the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood, BJ’s twin daughters must raid a Nazi research facility specializing in robotics. After crawling into a secret chamber through a suspiciously circular origin, what do they find? A fully operational T-800 soldier who is fresh from blowing away high ranking Nazi scientists. .

Jes and Soph do what they do best and take out the time traveling nuisance without a second thought. Satisfied that they’ve destroyed the Nazi threat, the girls leave, but one Nazi scientist remains. In the wreckage, he discovers a single microchip. Back in another universe, this led to Skynet. In Wolfenstein, all roads lead to Mecha Hitler. Cue the sting.

The Terminator in Death Stranding | Come with Kojima if you want to sell

If there’s one thing that Hideo Kojima loves more than long symbolic video game trailers, it’s a celebrity cameo. Sure, Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus are fine gets, but what’s more iconic than the glowing red eyes of a Terminator? His Metal Gear series already includes more than a few allusions to the classic action films, so let’s close the loop by sending a canon death machine into his newest creation.

Best of all, since we still know so little about Death Stranding (and we probably won’t know all of it even when the game is released), there’s no reason to assume that a Terminator isn’t already one of the characters. Dubbed Metel Clocksmann, this T-800 gained sentience after an encounter with the game’s signature black goo. Originally sent to intercept Norman Reedus’ delivery mission, he now acts as a guide, helping our hero through difficult situations from the shadows. Near the end of the game, Metel must hook back into the network to keep other death machines away from Norman as he rushes towards his destiny, erasing his personality in the process. It’s quite a noble sacrifice for a guest character.

The Terminator in Judgment | Skynet sits in judgment

Sega’s Judgment is a lot like its Yakuza series but with a focus on courtroom dealings, which leaves an opening for a cybernetic criminal. The Terminator is a representative of a computer program hellbent on destroying the human race. Judging from the first few paragraphs from a handful of law-related Wikipedia entries, genocide is illegal, so there’s a court case to be had. With the proper setup, a T-800 answering for his crimes and the crimes of SkyNet might just be the perfect bonus scenario.

Due to a time portal incident, the T-800 arrives in Kamurocho without any armaments. Still attempting to carry out its mission of finding Sarah Conner’s Japanese cousin, the T-800 sets forth to acquire weaponry from an underground dealer. Thankfully, said dealer is currently dealing with a brawl started by Takayuki Yagami.

After an undoubtedly epic fight scene where the two brawl through multiple buildings, the T-800 is deactivated. The cops struggle and finally bring the metallic wreckage in for questioning. They find a video file detailing the robot’s mission and the rest of the add-on details the Japanese legal system trying to prosecute a robot out of time. It’s weird for sure, but if Phoenix Wright can bring a whale onto the stand, Yagami can handle a Terminator.

The Terminator in Pokemon Sword and Shield | Gotta catch ’em all

What if Nintendo was less concerned about its game’s artistic merit? What if The Pokemon Company really wanted in on the cultural zeitgeist? There are already has almost 1000 Pokemon creatures to collect, keeping players throwing Pokeballs for years with each release. We know from plenty of other games all about collecting that crossover content makes their worlds go round. With that logic, Pokemon seems like the perfect franchise to bring in guest characters. Who better to start than Arnold’s eternal metallic rival?

This one needs no story setup and no explanation. You never got an in-game reason why the local Toys ‘R’ Us was handing out the legendary Mew. Now that it’s the future (but not that future), the T-800 will be a Wi-Fi exclusive: a legendary Steel-type Pokemon, the T-800 comes equipped with Flash Cannon, Bullet Punch, and more. Its exclusive ability, Hardened Sheen, gives it resistance against Fire-type moves but a double weakness against Lava Plume. Finally, when it uses Metal Sound, you get a very tinny rendition of the Terminator theme song alongside the Special Defense debuff.