Best PlatinumGames Games | From Nier: Automata to Vanquish

PlatinumGames‘ titles aren’t just pretty. Each one of its offerings ooze an unmistakable style and aren’t afraid to launch players straight into the action. From new IPs to licensed software and sequels, it’s obvious that the studio’s imagination is limitless. Here are the best PlatinumGames games you can play to get read for its next title, Astral Chain, which releases for Switch on August 30.

Best PlatinumGames Games | Nier: Automata

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Nier: Automata is unapologetically strange. It borrows from hack and slash games, bullet hell shooters, side-scrollers, platformers, and RPGs to offer something completely unique as far as gameplay is concerned. The title’s narrative is just as fascinating, as it demands that players seek out its true endings to order to understand the full scope of the androids’ war with Earth’s machines. As if this wasn’t enough for fans to digest, Nier: Automata‘s tunes are some of the best that modern gaming has to offer. One listen of “A Beautiful Song” may convince naysayers of the game’s greatness.

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Best PlatinumGames Games | Bayonetta


Bayonetta revolutionizes the hack and slash genre with its ridiculous sense of style. The game constantly shifts player perspective as fights move from streets to walls and floating platforms. Landing combos as the titular witch feels satisfying, especially as fans learn more torture attacks and expand their weaponry to include iron maidens and chainsaws. Activating Witch Time through expertly-timed dodges is just as rewarding and has spread to plenty of other games like DmC Devil May Cry, God of War, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey just to name a few. Though Bayonetta‘s plot doesn’t make much sense until its conclusion, it’s hard not to enjoy the title’s incredible action and epic sense of scale.

Best PlatinumGames Games | Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance represents a significant departure from the franchise’s stealth roots, as it has players slice up opponents with Raiden’s high-frequency sword in a series of high-octane set pieces. Switching to blade mode never gets old thanks to the constant introduction of new foes and environmental obstacles to cut.

Players can opt to use a variety of other weapons like rocket launchers and daggers, too, if they please. As impressive as Revengeance‘s gameplay may be, its greatest strength lies in its accessibility and depth. Action fans with a limited knowledge of the Metal Gear franchise can feel right at home with the game while hardcore players can dig into its deep parrying mechanics.

Best PlatinuGames Games | Transformers: Devastation


Transformers: Devastation feels like an interactive reboot of the classic 1984 cartoon show. As Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Wheeljack, or Sideswipe, players must put a stop to an Insecticon invasion in New York City and prevent villains like Megatron and Devastator from turning Earth into a new Cybertron.

When it comes to gameplay, Devastation meshes the best parts of Bayonetta and Transformers together, introducing fans to Overdrive attacks and time-stopping dodges while preserving the ability to shape-shift into vehicles at any given moment. Kids looking to play as some of their favorite robots in disguise may have a ball with the title. Of course, longtime fans of the franchise may find plenty to love, too.

Best PlatinumGames Games | Bayonetta 2

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Bayonetta 2 improves upon its predecessor in nearly every way. Melee attacks and gunplay feel more fluid in this entry and the addition of the Umbran Climax supercharge dials up the action considerably, as the titular character gains extra Wicked Weaves and Infernal Demon summons for a limited amount of time. The sequel’s narrative is a little easier to follow than that of the original game and its cooperative mode is fun, especially as partners learn how to master combos together. Bayonetta 2 is the closest representation of organized chaos one may find in a video game. If one thing’s for certain, Bayonetta 3 can’t come soon enough.

Best PlatinumGames Games | Madworld

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Few titles rival Madworld‘s artistic direction. The black and white aesthetic simultaneously masks the Wii’s graphical shortcomings and highlights the amount of violence on offer. Dismemberment, beheadings, and impalement are fairly common occurrences as players compete in Jefferson Island’s gruesome game show and score points to access freedom. Minigames showcase just how ridiculous the game can get as far as its brutality is concerned, as one in particular has fans knock foes into a giant dartboard.

People who fear that the game includes gimmicky motion controls should rest assured knowing that PlatinumGames did not include scenarios that utilize the Wii’s infrared sensor. Rather, the few uses of the Wii Remote’s motion capabilities lie in short quick time events. It’s clear that Madworld just wants its players to wreak as much bloody havoc as possible, as it does little to distract them from the carnage.

Best PlatinumGames Games | Vanquish


Vanquish is a third-shooter that feels like a 2D bullet hell game. Enemy gunfire bombards players from every direction, forcing them to constantly use the boosters on their Augmented Reaction Suits to slow down time and move out of harm’s way. Hiding beyond cover will only grant fans a moment’s reprieve, as foes will circle around them if they get too comfortable. The game encourages people to abandon whatever expectations they may have of the genre and teaches them how to take down foes with nothing more than speed and a few measly bullets up their sleeves. Conquering Vanquish‘s God Hand difficulty, which prevents the use of weapon upgrades, may be gaming’s ultimate test of courage.

Astral Chain seems like it will stay in line with PlatinumGames’ reputation for bombastic, action-heavy gameplay. Alternating between one’s Legion companions in order to rack up combos could prove to be fun and addicting. Here’s hoping that the game is successful enough to encourage Nintendo to fund a second and third entry and that PlatinumGames never loses its charm, no matter what sales numbers indicate.