Breath of the Wild Prince Sidon Glitch and other hilarious Zelda glitches

Though The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule is massive, it’s not without some imperfections. This is encapsulated in the recent explosion of the Breath of the Wild Prince Sidon glitch that has been floating through the internet as of late. The following are some of the most hilarious glitches that fans have discovered since the game’s release in 2017. Please note that there are spoilers below.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Riding Prince Sidon

Breath of the Wild

During the battle with Divine Beast Vah Ruta, players are instructed to hop aboard Zora prince Sidon in order to shoot arrows on the water. It’s a neat sequence, but it’s the only time players are able to surf on the fish man. Fortunately, one Zelda fan managed to find a way to ride Sidon everywhere, even on land and in the sky.

In order to sail on him indefinitely, players must purposefully drown Link during the aforementioned boss fight in order to respawn by the reservoir. From here, they’ll be able to approach Sidon and mount him. Coasting high above the clouds aboard a red seaman may just be the best may to explore Hyrule yet. The swimming animation may take some time getting used to, but it beats paying for airfare.

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Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | The horse factory

Breath of the Wild

Horse lovers may be pleased to know that they can manifest hundreds of four-legged friends in Breath of the Wild using a simple glitch. Players should make Bokoblins fall off their steeds somehow, either by shooting at them with arrows or by setting traps for them to run into. They should then run away as soon as each enemy plummets, as the Bokoblin will despawn but their horses will remain. Users can rinse and repeat until the reach 200 or more onscreen horses at once. As fun as it may to witness hundreds of nice ponies nay and prance around, anyone who attempts to try this should know that too many could result in a crash. The Switch could only handle so much horsepower, after all.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Flying Guardian rafts

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild‘s Guardians can be pesky. Their laser beams can shoot down Link from long distances and their only weak spots are their eyes. Thankfully, players can make these menacing foes seem pretty pathetic by putting a raft below them. The boat will attach to the creature, and Link will be able to hop on it as the Guardian lifts off. Though it can still shoot Link if it spots him, fans can use Revali’s Gale to escape upward, then nestle atop the enemy’s head for smoother sailing. It’s the perfect way to make a mockery out of something that can kill players in one hit early on.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Abandoning Dark Beast Ganon

Breath of the Wild

As if disrespecting Guardians wasn’t enough, players can choose to totally disregard Dark Beast Ganon during one of the game’s climatic boss fight. If they ride their horse against the light barrier and dismount it at the right spot, Link will be able to clip through the temporary wall and roam around on the opposite side. He’ll be able to mount his horse and explore Hyrule from here, leaving Ganon to run around in his pitiful arena. It’s funny to see the monster fire laser beams at the hero while he’s perched high above on a mountain, chomping on a crispy bird thigh. The embodiment of hatred and malice needs to learn how to lighten up.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Ragdolling Bokoblin

Breath of the Wild

Who doesn’t love good ragdoll physics? In order for one to have their very own Bokoblin toy to mess around with, they’ll have to entice a Moblin to pick one up and throw it at Link. When the Bokoblin hits the ground, players should freeze it immediately. After the Moblin has been taken of, the Bokoblin will be free of its icy prison but will no longer be able to stand. Players can do whatever they want with the goon from here on, like push it off a cliff or sit down a have a nice chat. Hey, Hyrule’s wilderness can get kind of lonely sometimes.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Infinite jumping

Breath of the Wild

Seeing as how players can’t control Link’s jumps in previous Zelda titles, the ability to leap freely in Breath of the Wild is welcome. However, Nintendo may have gone a little overboard with its implementation, as players can hop infinitely via a simple glitch that involves gliding onto one horse from another during an archery minigame. The infinite jump glitch makes some shrines laughably easy, considering how fans can easily bounce over barriers to reach the exit.

Hilarious Breath of the Wild Glitches | Falling endlessly

Breath of the Wild

No open-world video game would be complete without glitches that send users soaring endlessly into bottomless pits. What makes the phenomenon hilarious in Breath of the Wild is how Link looks so clam when he’s essentially stuck in limbo. It’s as if he’s thinking someone will reach out to grab through the floor somehow. If the hero could speak in this situation, he’d probably say “This is fine.”

Breath of the Wild is The Legend of Zelda at its best. While it’s easy to lose oneself in the title’s captivating narrative, its charming personality is impossible to ignore. Glitches don’t distract from the amount of fun one can have with the game. If anything, cruising around Hyrule on a humanoid fish enhances the experience.