This week on Twitch: GR VS. Disintegration, Temtem, and Journey to the Savage Planet

We’ve been having an almost worrying amount of fun with the Game Revolution Twitch channel since relaunching it in 2018. Over the past two years, we’ve gained millions of views, thousands of followers, and kickstarted a bunch of shows including our weekly video podcast GR Radio, our live let’s play series GR Live, and our haphazard multiplayer show GR Vs.

2020 is the year where we’ll look to expand the Game Revolution Twitch channel and bring it to new, fresh audiences, something which we’ll elaborate on in a future post. Our first step forward in this venture is bringing our viewers a weekly schedule, where they can see what we have planned for the coming week.

Those who have already been tuning in to our Twitch channel know that we deliver pre-release streams of the biggest video games, hold console and game giveaways, and offer a nice amount of variety in terms of we play all delivered by the friendly faces of our editorial team. If any of that interests you, please follow the Game Revolution Twitch channel and check us out sometime!

Our schedule for this week includes Disintegration beta gameplay, Temtem, the hilarious indie game Not For Broadcast, and an in-depth playthrough of the Metroidvania, No Man’s Sky-esque Journey to the Savage Planet.

Game Revolution’s Twitch schedule for January 27–31

Temtem Skull Man Bridge

  • Monday, January 27 (9 AM ET): Paul and Mack played Temtem, the ‘Pokemon‘ MMO
  • Tuesday, January 28 (12 PM ET): GR Radio
  • Tuesday, January 28 (3 PM ET): Michael kicks ass with Joker in Mortal Kombat 11
  • Wednesday, January 29 (12 PM ET): Mack, Paul, Jason, and Michael jump on their hoverbikes in the Disintegration closed beta

  • Thursday, January 30 (9 AM ET): Mack plays Not For Broadcast,
  • Friday, January 31 (9 AM ET): We play Journey to the Savage Planet