This week on Twitch: Apex Legends Season 4, Zombie Army 4, and PUBG!

It’s a week of shooty-shooty-bang-bang over on Game Revolution’s Twitch channel, as we have a whole week of multiplayer shooter goodness. Apex Legends season 4 kicks off, we get endless Chicken Dinners in PUBG‘s new map, and then we go ahead and punt zombie Hitler right in his undead fascist face in Zombie Army 4. Video games are weird!

Check out our Twitch schedule for the week of February 3–7 below:

Game Revolution’s Twitch schedule for February 3–7

gr twitch schedule feb 3-7 pubg

  • Monday, February 3 (9 AM ET): Mack returns to PUBG, playing its new map Karakin for the first time. Watch him chase that Chicken Dinner!
  • Tuesday, February 4 (12 PM ET): It’s GR Radio time. Plenty to talk about this week including the Breath of the Wild 2 rumors, Platinum Games’ recent teasers, and that new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer.
  • Wednesday, Feb 5 (9 AM ET): Apex Legends Season 4 rolls out on Wednesday, and our resident Apex aficionado Mack will look to be crowned Champion once again.
  • Thursday, Feb 6 (9 AM ET) Mack and Paul will return to their popular Modern Warfare Gunfight stream, taking on all comers in 2v2 action.
  • Friday, Feb 7 (12 PM ET) Zombie Army 4 is out this week, so GR’s editors will be shooting some undead Nazis in four-player co-op!

Last week’s best stream

Watch us take on Disintegration in GR VS, with the game’s dev team V1 Interactive stopping by to offer us some guidance in the chat as we miserably fail at piloting our hoverbikes: