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It’s tough to feel like you’re gaming on a “next-gen system” when you’re still tied down by wires. Going wireless, first with your controller, and now with a headset, brings with it a sense of futuristic freedom. Unfortunately, this wireless paradise can be brought crashing down by the need to charge batteries and/or put up with poor-quality audio or latency. What’s more, if you’re playing on Xbox One, the selection of quality wireless headsets is pretty limited. Thankfully, HyperX has come up with its own solution. Here is our HyperX CloudX Flight review.

HyperX CloudX Flight Review | “Cloud” by nature

HyperX CloudX Flight Review

Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first. The HyperX name is well-known in the headset space, largely due to the comfort that the Cloud range boasts, in addition to the competitive-level audio reproduction. I’m happy to report that the CloudX Flight delivers in both areas here, with tried-and-true ear cushions providing a comfortable fit for hours at a time, and game audio that makes footsteps and other enemy noises clear, while retaining the pleasing bass of explosions and gunfire.

I tested the CloudX Flight in Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends and came away fully satisfied. I was especially happy with how clear the direction of audio was and there was no perceptible latency. I use stereo, but Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic can be selected in the Xbox settings if you’re a surround sound fan.

When I wasn’t partying up with friends, I took full advantage of the ability to remove the microphone. It unplugs easily enough, making the headset look a lot less gamer-y. The LEDs on the headset can also be disabled for a more stealthy look and longer battery life.

Plug the microphone in and you get the usual HyperX experience. It’s not going to compare to a Modmic, but it still does the job for talking in voice chat. I also love the mic monitoring, which lets you hear your own voice, which I consider a must-have feature these days.

HyperX CloudX Flight Review | Battery life of the party

HyperX CloudX Flight Review

So the comfort and audio quality are fantastic, as expected from a HyperX “Cloud” branded product, but what about the wirelessness? Thankfully, this also works exceptionally well. Working up to 20 meters away from the dongle, the 2.4 GHz solution allowed me to get up and walk to the kitchen while still talking with my friends.

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As mentioned in the introduction, a wireless headset is only wireless for so long as, eventually, you’ll need to charge it. The CloudX Flight is rated for between 13 hours (solid LED) and 30 hours (LED off). Unless you’re streaming and want viewers to see your flashy headset, I’d recommend disabling the LED for that huge boost in battery life. In my experience, I didn’t have to charge the CloudX Flight until after a week of heavy use. I’m talking extreme Warzone marathons and Apex Legends sessions.

With this impressive battery life, you really only have to worry about charging the headset once or twice a week. This helps avoid any “battery anxiety” that comes with potentially running low during an intense gaming session.

HyperX CloudX Flight Review | Xbox players take notice

HyperX CloudX Flight Review

The HyperX CloudX Flight retails for $159.99, which slots it into the higher-end category of gaming headsets. With sound quality, comfort, and wireless done right, this headset hits a trifecta of wins. Factor in that it’s also an official Xbox licensed product and you know you’re in for a good time.

Ultimately, the CloudX Flight does a hell of a lot right and very little wrong. The only niggles are how long you need to hold the power button to turn on the headset and the typical HyperX microphone, which is fine but doesn’t appear to have been improved for this edition.

If you’re an Xbox One player who’s looking for a headset that does it all, definitely consider the HyperX CloudX Flight in your shortlist.

HyperX CloudX Flight review unit was provided by HyperX.

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