The GR Show Episode 1 | Has Nioh 2 out-Soulsed the Dark Souls series?

Game Revolution plays a lot of video games. We travel the world previewing upcoming releases, we review the biggest new titles, and we interview the creative minds behind them. We also have a Twitch channel. So wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea if we combined the two?

Today we’re debuting The GR Show, a brand new Twitch talk show that will go live every Wednesday. Our aim is to make it the most vital weekly gaming show out there, tailored to those who want to keep up-to-date with the industry, and who want to watch exclusive gameplay footage of the biggest upcoming games.

In this week’s episode, we discuss our review of Nioh 2, Team Ninja’s sequel to its popular Soulslike. Has it beaten From Software at its own game, or is it a pretender to Dark Souls‘ throne? We’ll talk you through our take, along with showing you all the exclusive Nioh 2 footage we’ve captured during our ample time spent reviewing it.

We also detail everything you need to know about Bleeding Edge, the melee-based Overwatch-like from Ninja Theory. We recently previewed the game, with us coming away from the event pleasantly surprised by just how much fun we had with it. Find out why we had such a great time with the game and its mecha dolphins.

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