GR Debates | What Star Wars game should be made next?

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Today is May the 4th, or as it is otherwise known, Star Wars Day. This occasion is typically reserved for celebrating Star Wars, but as no one currently hates Star Wars more than its fans, it’s probably best that we use this time to instead look to the future of the series, and think about what we’d want to see rather than the things Disney has already forced us to see. Like Emperor Palpatine convincing someone to make babies with him.

With the future of Star Wars‘ video game adaptations currently up in the air, we want to know which game you’d like to see next. Would you want to play a sequel to a popular game from the past? The revival of a canceled project such as Star Wars 1313? Or something completely new? Let us know in the poll below, and be sure to make your opinion heard in the comments section.

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Game Revolution’s thoughts…

“I’m sick of Star Wars diving back to the past for cheap pops”

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: I’d like to see a brand new IP set in the Star Wars universe. Like a lot of fans, I’m sick of the Disney-led Star Wars constantly diving back to the past for cheap pops, so something brand new with characters we haven’t seen before would be ideal.

The current slew of films, games, and TV shows have explored every possible avenue when it comes to the Skywalker Saga, so I’d love it if the next batch of Star Wars releases went in a completely different direction. Give me a new bunch of heroes traveling to planets we’ve never seen, in an era that hasn’t been explored yet with villains we’ve never faced. Disney has made the galaxy far, far away feel smaller than it ever has been, so it’d be a welcome change of pace for the video games to look beyond Luke, Vader, and the rest of them.


“It’s been so long since we’ve got a Star Wars space game”

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Jason Faulkner, senior editor: I’m hoping Stars Wars: Project Maverick ends up being a spiritual successor to Tie Fighter or Rogue Squadron. It’s been a really long time since we got a Star Wars game that focused on space combat, and I’d love to see some massive battles on next-gen consoles.

With how many compromises devs had to make with previous Star Wars space combat games, I think it’d be incredible to see a full-scale fight in a game finally. Imagine multiple Star Destroyers, or actually flying towards a Death Star from a distance and seeing it loom larger and larger. So many past games had to jump-cut you to scripted parts, and it’d be amazing to see a more freeform presentation.

The weird thing about this concept is that it’s not like they’d have to come up with any new scenarios. It’s been so long since we’ve got a Star Wars space game that you could just remake Tie Fighter or Rogue Squadron, and you’d be good. Maybe it’s not a genre players are that interested in anymore; it’s been so long since there was a AAA space combat game it’s hard to be sure.


“I’d like to see Battlefront 3 go full FPS”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 1.48 update patch notes

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: I’m voting for Star Wars Battlefront 3. Look, I’m a sucker for multiplayer shooters and I love me some Star Wars, so this is an easy choice for me. Though, yes, EA DICE has just finished with Battlefront 2, implementing its 25th post-launch patch, I feel like support for that game was ultimately rolling out fixes for everything that was busted or missing at release.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 could be something more, launching in a much better state and with many lessons learned. I know battle royale has been done to death by now, but I think a dedicated mode or even a free-to-play Star Wars Battle Royale would be awesome. The battle royale games that stand the test of time are those that develop compelling lore, as well as great gameplay. Star Wars has both of these things, with fantastic stories to explore and awesome weapons and vehicles.

If battle royale is off the table, then I’d at least like to see Battlefront 3 go full first-person shooter, with tighter FPS gameplay. Launching on next-gen consoles would allow for even greater visuals and large-scale battles.


“Star Wars as a whole needs to move on”

Michael Leri, lead writer: While it is easy to beg EA for another Jedi: Fallen Order, and that would be the sequel I’d ask for, it would be better to just make more original stuff. Now that the Skywalker Saga is done, Star Wars as a whole needs to move on and prove that its galaxy is as large as it seems. Visceral’s Ragtag was exactly in line with this approach so something similar would be ideal.

It appeared to have a different tone and style that borrowed from Star Wars but wasn’t a slave to it. New characters and situations in an Uncharted-style adventure set in space seems like a winning formula that would work perfectly in a game.

Of course, EA probably doesn’t want this and would rather develop safer titles. But hopefully Jedi: Fallen Order‘s success opened the publisher up to more exciting ideas and a new Ragtag-like story is being created as we speak.

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