GR Reacts to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 reveal

UPDATE: The Summer Game Fest event revealed Unreal Engine 5 and the first-ever PS5 gameplay. Watch the footage in the GR Reacts stream below!

Summer Game Fest is set to bring us a major new announcement today, with organizer Geoff Keighley calling the reveal one of the “most important” of the year. You can watch the Summer Game Fest event right here, as part of a special GR Reacts livestream.

Summer Game Fest May 13 reveal time

The reveal will take place early morning in the US and in the afternoon in the UK.

The times for the Summer Game Fest event are as follows:

  • 11 AM ET
  • 8 AM PT
  • 4 PM BST

To watch the reveal, you can tune into our GR Reacts stream starting from 10:40 AM ET, 7:40 AM PT, and 3:30 PM BST, which will not only show the reveal as it happens, but will feature additional insight and commentary from the GR team.

Watch and join in the conversation!

Watch The BIG Summer Game Fest reveal LIVE! | GR Reacts from Game_Revolution on

You can also participate in the stream by hopping in our Twitch chat, where we’ll be fielding questions and highlighting your opinions throughout the stream:

Be sure to follow Game Revolution on Twitch to be alerted of when we go live for the big reveal, and you can also check out Summer Game Fest’s official site right here.