Jurassic World Evolution Complete Edition Q&A with developer Rich Newbold

We got the opportunity to speak with Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition Game Director Rich Newbold. The game is coming to Switch with all features and DLC intact, and we asked about some of the struggles of bringing Jurassic World Evolution to hardware that is significantly less powerful than the platforms it was originally designed for.

Game Revolution: What are some of the challenges that come with porting a game to Switch?

Rich Newbold: We wanted the player experience to be the same for all players, regardless of what platform they choose to play on. One of the challenges of this were the hardware differences between the Switch and other platforms as we wanted to ensure the game runs and looks just as good on a mobile platform as it does on any of the other platforms. This meant looking at every aspect of the game to ensure we achieved the same high quality experience on the new platform. We are incredibly proud of the work that has gone into this to ensure that the game looks just as stunning on Switch.

GR: What are some dinosaurs you’d like to have seen in the game, but don’t have time/necessity to include them?

RN: Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition contains every dinosaur we’ve ever created included in our base game, our updates since release and our dinosaur packs and narrative content. All available for players to engineer and manage in their park. That’s over 60 dinosaurs and ensuring that each one of those looked amazing on Nintendo Switch was no light endeavour.

GR: Do you recommend playing in docked or portable mode?

RN: I enjoy playing Jurassic World Evolution in Docked mode on my TV and then picking it up and finishing my park in Handheld mode in bed before I fall asleep. That may explain the T. Rex nightmares I’ve had recently actually! We’ve tailored the game to be a great experience in both and neither is the “best experience” giving the player ultimate freedom to build their park, anytime, anywhere.

GR: What’s your favorite Switch game (besides Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition)?

RN: It’s really hard to pin down a favourite for me, as there’s so much choice these days. Over the last few months, I’ve really enjoyed playing Animal Crossing with my 4 year old son, mostly fishing and getting a lot of enjoyment from waking Blathers up in his museum!