Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady is a big disappointment

After much hype surrounding Resident Evil Village‘s tall vampire lady, players can now finally get their hands on the full release and let Lady Dimitrescu chase them around a big castle. While that might sound fantastic — and it might be for a time — it all ultimately ends in big disappointment.

Love at thirst sight

Resident Evil Village Tall Vampire Lady

There are spoilers for the first 2-3 hours (Castle section) of the game in the text below. However, I’ve left the specifics of character deaths out.

Ever since fans glimpsed Lady Dimitrescu in the third trailer, social media has been buzzing with thirsty declarations of lust. Folks have been wearing their thirst for the tall vampire lady on their sleeves, eager to be chased by her when the full game released.

Happily for Lady D fans, they didn’t have to wait until the full release, as the second demo offered a preview of the Lady Dimitrescu chase sequences. Similar to Mr. X and Nemesis in the Remakes, the tall vampire lady appears in doorways and chases Ethan until he slips away (or she catches him and slices him up).

Unlike Mr. X and Nemesis, however, Lady Dimitrescu is only a small part of the main game and there’s a clear limit on the areas she patrols. In fact, those who have played the second demo have already experienced a large chunk of the paths where the tall vampire lady will chase Ethan. There isn’t too much more to see in the full release.

Built by memes

Resident Evil Village Tall Vampire Lady

Having been generously provided the game early for review, we’ve been able to complete Resident Evil Village multiple times. While playing through the game, we’ve monitored hype for the release across social media. It’s honestly been tragic to see so much excitement surrounding Lady Dimitrescu and the speculation about what role she will play in the full game.

Tall vampire lady memes are everywhere you look, with folks eager to be sat on, clawed at, and bloodsucked by Lady Dimitrescu. Unfortunately, the weeks of excitement will come to an end at just 2-3 hours in.

One night stand

Resident Evil Village Tall Vampire Lady

You read that right. At just a few hours in, Lady Dimitrescu’s role in Resident Evil Village comes to a clear end and that’s the last that players see of her. She and her daughters are dealt with quickly and with relative ease, never to bother with Ethan again.

While that short time spent in Castle Dimitrescu is fun while it lasts, it’s only a small part of the journey. It’s just bad luck that it’s the first location and the fan-favorite character is the first big boss. There’s no real build-up or pay-off. It’s all rather premature. Lady Dimitrescu has been carrying the marketing momentum through trailers and demos, but is quickly discarded in the full game.

It’s now the day of release and I’m sat waiting for the outrage to begin. Here’s hoping players can get over the tall vampire lady and focus on finishing the rest of the fight.