Meters Level Up Headset Review: ‘Unique flair that catches the eye’

Meters Level Up Headset Review.

The Meters headset aims to be the “world’s only zero-lag 7.1 virtual surround sound headphones with an LED backlit VU meter (volume unit) on each ear cup.” With a unique style that shows the audio level on the side of each earcup, combined with software that enables customizable surround sound, this new gaming headset could deliver in both style and substance, which is often a difficult combo to master. This is the GameRevolution review.

Out of the box

I had pretty mixed first impressions of the Meters Level Up headset. The packaging design contrasts wildly with the actual product itself and is a little flimsy. However, it at least keeps the headset and cable protected and secure. 

Taking the headset out of the box, the volume meters on each earcup are the first thing I noticed. While I still class them as a “gimmick” that does little to enhance the product on a user experience level, as they don’t affect comfort or performance, they are admittedly cool from a viewer’s perspective. Those streaming or wearing the headset at LAN parties will no doubt attract attention and questions. 

As for the rest of the unboxing experience, a lengthy cable with in-line controls was good to see, as was the detachable mic which effectively allows this product to quickly switch from being a headset to becoming a headphone. I wish every gaming headset had the option to remove the microphone. 

Now it was out of the box and ready to be plugged into the PC.

Listen closely

Meters Level Up Headphones Review

As recommended by the user manual, installing the “LEVEL UP 7.1 VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT” software was the first step to fully unlocking the potential of the headset. The app design looked worryingly ancient, as though it was developed when Windows XP was the hottest new OS. Thankfully, this doesn’t affect functionality.

The app can be used to adjust both the headphone and microphone settings. I feel like the surround sound area is the main highlight in the software, but there are many different toggles and knobs to play with. Virtual surround sound can be fine-tuned to better aid directionality or user preference. Those who take the time to tune the settings could find it easier to detect the direction of footsteps, gunfire, and other audio cues in games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.

Meters Level Up Headphones Review

For me, stereo is still the most dependable way of listening. No matter how many virtual surround sound compatible gaming headsets I try, I always end up going back to stereo for competitive play. It’s just not for me, though VSS lovers may appreciate the personalization offered by the Meters headset. Oh and, like the creators have claimed, I couldn’t perceive any lag when using surround sound.

Though it’s marketed as being tuned for virtual surround sound, the Meters headset performed well in stereo. Bass is certainly present but not to the point of being overwhelming. Both mids and highs were represented well and there was no harshness in the usual problematic frequencies. It’s a solid overall sound that not only delivers in games but also makes for pleasant movie-watching and music-listening experiences. The EQ built into the app also allows users to tame the bass or other frequencies, if desired.

Significant style

Meters Level Up Headphones Review

In addition to the 7.1 virtual surround sound, the other main marketing highlight of the Meters headset is the VU Meters. These show the audio levels of sound being played. They are enhanced with lighting that keeps them clear in dark conditions. I like this feature and feel that it makes an otherwise unexceptional gaming headset stand out.

For those who fall in love with the product shots and would love VU Meters showing the volume of their game, movie, or music on the side of their head, then the Meters headset definitely has a unique selling point. Those who stream could make the VU Meters a key part of their presentation as they would no doubt spark some conversation in chat.

Meters Level Up Headset Review: The final verdict

Meters Level Up Headphones Review

At $129.99, the Meters headset has launched at a competitive price. However, I think there are overall better products out there from HyperX and Razer for this price. That being said, other gaming headsets don’t have the unique volume meters on the side of each earcup. For users who want that above all else in a gaming product, then this is the only option.

The Meters Level Up headset has a unique flair that attracts the eye in a way that I’m sure some will love. This feature comes without any major sacrifices, meaning potential buyers won’t have to suffer huge compromises at the cost of style.

Meters Level Up Headset review unit was provided by Meters Music