New NieR Automata A2 Figure Releasing in Japan This September

Figurines, or as we like to call them, the worst thing that could ever happen to your wallet, are one of the best things about geek culture. So, of course, a new NieR Automata A2 figure couldn’t do any harm, now could it? After all, it looks beautiful and this is the very first A2 figure that has been revealed by Square Enix, and oh look suddenly a hell of a lot of money just managed to escape from our wallets.

Jokes aside, it really is a fantastic looking figure and is certainly a must-get for fans and collectors of Yoko Taro’s franchise, NieR. A2 is one of the main characters in NieR Automata, including 2B and 9S and is a fan-favorite which explains the loving attention to detail.

The figure is said to measure approximately at W90mm x H160mm, and comes with the Pod 042 so you get the option to recreate some of your absolute favorite scenes from the game. Of course, you can’t just get A2 on their own so be sure to have a look at the other characters such as 2B and 9S. In fact, when all three come together, they look pretty amazing. Check it out for yourselves.

The A2 figure was officially revealed by Square Enix’s eStore’s Twitter and was said to be available for pre-order already, ready for its release in Japan on the 28th of September. The figure will cost 6,998 yen and you’re able to pre-order through Square Enix’s Japanese E-Store as well as popular merchandise website, AmiAmi. So don’t hesitate to put in your order, because we think these figures may go fast.

In other NieR Automata news, the game recently came to Xbox and, in our humble opinion, you should definitely go play it. Check out why here.