Odin Sphere Gets Another Incredibly Detailed Figure

Despite being more than 10 years old at this point, cult classic 2D RPG Odin Sphere is still getting a line of official merchandise from Alter, the well-respected figure manufacturer. Continuing a trend set by other releases, it’s Gwendolyn Leifdrasir getting all the attention with a highly detailed 1/8 scale figure.

Search her name on a seller site like AmiAmi and you’ll notice a wide range of statues and figures depicting the character from a whole host of different manufacturers. Gwendolyn made her mark on the Odin Sphere name, and the ongoing collection of products proves as much.

Alter, whose sculptors are known for including exceptional detail and craftsmanship into their figures, designed the newest release. If you can’t tell it’s an Alter product from the image, perhaps the $163 price tag will help.

The statue comes in at 240mm tall – that’s including the cloudy base beneath Gwendolyn’s feet and the spear jutting slightly higher than her head. The overall design is meant to replicate how the character looks in the HD remake Odin Sphere: Leifdrasir released back in 2016 two console cycles after the original game. Holding the ‘Psypher Spear’, the product detail section describes her as having “thin, supple proportions with white skin, the armor painted with metallic color, a color gradation on the winds and more.”

It goes on to say how the transparent materials used in crafting Gwendolyn’s base and spear come together with the paintwork to “contribute to the mystical atmosphere of the figure that changes slightly depending on the ambient light.”

The 1/8 scale Gwendolyn Leifdrasir figure really shines in the detail department not only through its paint job and choice of materials but through the smaller sculping details like the creases of her clothes and her spindly fingers. While they’re usually the hallmark of a premium manufacturer like Alter, one user on Twitter who just received their own noticed lower quality paintwork on their particular unit compared to other Alter products.