Pokemon The Power of Us UK Release Date Announced

A Pokemon The Power of Us UK release date is finally set in stone. The second entry in the Pokemon movie reboot series only arrived in Japan this July, but a worldwide release is quickly coming together thanks to a partnership between The Pokemon Company International and Fathom Events.

Following on from the announcement of US screenings to take place later next month, Fathom Events will distribute the movie around the UK at the same time. That means a Pokemon The Power of Us UK release date is set for November 24. You can look up participating theaters now, but ticket pre-sale availability seems to depend on the venue.

Multiple cinema brands appear to be screening the movie on Saturday, November 24, with select cinemas hosting additional screenings the following weekend. Additional screenings between these two dates have been observed in specific locations, but expect the site to show additional showings as time goes on.

Those with a Cineworld Unlimited membership may need to travel out of town, as it appears the chain won’t be playing host to the movie at this time.

Known fully as Pokemon The Movie: The Power of Us, or Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story in its native Japan, the movie follows on from last year’s 20th film Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You, which in itself acted as a soft reboot of the Pokemon the Movie franchise.

The movie shares some smaller similarities to the original Pokemon: The Movie 2000 in that it features the legendary Pokemon Lugia, but this new movie also acts as the first time the mythical Gen 7 Pokemon Zeraora will appear outside of the Pokemon video games. Being the final Gen 7 Pokemon to be revealed, it’s also considered a send-off for the generation introduced with Pokemon Sun & Moon, inching us closer to the Gen 8 reveal teased with next year’s mainline Pokemon Switch game and the recent reveal of Meltan.