Five New German Netflix Shows Announced

Five new German Netflix shows have just been announced by the massive streaming service. The move will see the amount of original German Netflix Orignal shows increase from one to six once released.

Announced during the Minch Media Days event, Hollywood Reporter wrote that Kelly Luegenbiehl, who serves as the Vice President of the Netflix Original Series program, shared plans to produce a number of new German Netflix shows focusing on a wide range of genres like period drama and science fiction.

The shows in question have all been revealed. Production company Gaumont, of Hannibal and Narcos fame, is involved in a new German Netflix show called Skylines, a Frankfurt-set drama blending finance, organized crime and local hip-hop music. Other newly announced German Netflix shows include Don’t Try This At Home, which revolved around an online bedroom drug business, Tribes of Europe, a sci-fi show from Philip Koch, and The Barbarians, telling the story of the first century battle between the Roman Empire and Germanic warriors.

The last show to be revealed is still an untitled short series involving “4 generations of a single family”. Set during the Christmas holiday period, this mostly unknown show comes from Katharina Eyssen, an actor featured in over a dozen German productions according to IMDB.

Plans to quickly grow the amount of original German Netflix shows found on the service appears to be in response to the warm reception of Dark, a German Netflix show introduced late last year. The 10-episode sci-fi thriller released to critical acclaim scoring a strong 87% rating on the review aggregate Rotten Tomato, with many noticing similarities to shows like Stranger Things and Twin Peaks.

A second season of Dark was announced on the back of the original release last year, with production said to get underway back in June. Dark season 2 is expected to air in 2019.