Dr Disrespect joke reveals he’s No. 1 on Twitch with paid subs

Dr Disrespect joke about Twitch paid subs has come true less than 24 hours after a humorous celebration on the Twitch streamer’s part. The Doc was talking with his chat and someone had mentioned that he was #1 on Twitch subs and he really wasn’t at the time — but he has since leaped ahead on at least one site that tracks Twitch subscriber count.

“Congrats on being the top-subbed streamer, confirmed,” said a Twitch user named Slick with a $5 donation to Dr Disrespect. The streamer was in a pre-show talking with his chat before he got into playing some games and he checked out TwitchAnalysis, a website that ranks the top streamers on the platform by number of subscribers. At the time, Dr Disrespect was #2 and he jokingly celebrated being in the No. 1 spot before following it up with a reveal that he was actually No. 2.

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However, the Dr Disrespect joke about being No. 1 on Twitch subs proved oddly prescient. While TwitchTracker listed him in the second position with overall subscribers, the breakdown by subscriber type shows that he recently took the top position on paid standard subscriptions with 14,622 versus NickMercs’ 14,001. In that sense, he was top dog — and then things really blew up.

At the time of the Twitch clip was recorded, Shroud was sitting at 37,580 subscribers and Dr Disrespect had 37,467 on TwitchAnalysis. That same site he used for his joke was updated, and the Dr Disrespect joke about Twitch subscribers has come true. In the time since he made the clip jokingly celebrating the No. 1 position, he has actually managed to claim it for himself. He has subsequently gained 2,407 subscribers (compared to Shroud’s sub count only growing by 16), putting him at 39,874 subscribers versus Shroud’s 37,596.

Regardless of what site you use to measure subscriber count, Dr Disrespect is undeniably in the top three. While the platform may have been hurting a bit from the loss of Ninja, a new king is well on his way to being crowned. You can watch the Doc’s premature celebration (which ultimately came true) in the Twitch clip below.