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Nostalgia is a piano based rhythm game in Konami’s BEMANI franchise. It is the first game in the Nostalgia series and a spiritual successor to Konami’s Keyboardmania series. The game consists of falling bars corresponding to certain areas of the keyboard. When the bars cross the judgement line it is time to play that key. There are three type of notes – Normal note which you play as normal, slide note where you slide your hand across the keyboard and trill note where you rapidly and alternately press two neighbouring keys. The keyboard itself consists of 28 keys, but unlike a real keyboard the black keys are omitted. This was done because it was viewed as added difficulty to the game during location testing and the aim was to make the game more accessibly than other games in the BEMANI franchise. The game features a story mode communicated only with animated cut scenes without any spoken word, making it accessible regardless if you do not know Japanese. The game song list consists of 83 songs.

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